Heaven's Roar - Picture of Male Lion
Heaven's Roar - Picture of female lion

Definitions of Radical

Dictionary - Basic, Innate, Fundamental
Colloquial - Revolutionary, On the Edge
Personal - Raw revolutionary life with
The Lion of Judah - Jesus Christ

Heaven's Roar. Road of a radical.

ROAR Creed

I believe God is One – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in perfect union.

I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and rose again in fulfilment of the scriptures, so I can also rise incorruptible and immortal.

I believe Christ is coming back – soon.

I believe Scripture is the Logos – God-breathed by the Holy Spirit.

I believe satan the devil is a real being, the fallen Lucifer, and that he is already defeated, despite his guerrilla warfare, by the Blood and the Cross, and the faith and testimony of the saints.

I believe that Israel and the Church are both beloved by God, though He has much cleansing work still to do in both, and that both are on unique paths in His hand (ie I don’t believe in “replacement theology”).