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The Scrolls & Other End Time Prophecies


These prophetic Scrolls point the way to the Mantle of Divinity. The prophecies reveal the heart of God for His End Times Bride. The glory to be found lies in simplicity and trust – learning to be sensitive to His every move – being taken from the place of human soul power, weak and fraught with anxiety and religion, into the realms of infinite Spirit – the Divine power and glory of the One who wants to make us like Himself – until we wear the Mantle of Divinity (lined with the Cloak of Humility). In that place we will be the Bride who will bring the Latter Rain to earth.



“We have the pentecostal power of all the precedents in God’s great oven
And a universe or two to govern” – W E Spencer



These messages begin with a focus on prayer (“My House shall be called a House of prayer.”) It’s the first thing God mentions at the beginning of Scroll 1 on Purity. I’ve called these messages “Scrolls” because that’s what God called them in the Scroll Introduction which was the first of the prophecies and came out of the blue and as a surprise.

Though they came 25 years ago, people like Rick Joyner and other recognized prophets are now beginning to say the same things. So it seems to be the right time to publish them. They are instructions for living in the fullness and very heart of God – but they are also End-Times Prophecies because they deal with preparing us to walk in the spirit of the Latter Rain revival – the coming global move of God.

Each time we received one of these messages we were also told what to call it, except for the Introduction, which I’ve creatively called ‘Introduction’. All other titles have quote marks – because they came from God as part of His message.

These messages are about wearing the Mantle of Divinity which is lined with the Cloak of Humility.

Knowing the love of Christ which passes our understanding will fill us with the fullness of God – Eph. 3:19.



Within our group we always insisted on having the spiritual messages or visions we received confirmed. One of the tests we used was the principle of “from the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses, every word shall be established” (2 Cor. 13:1). Only if we all got the same anointing, vision, or revelation at the same time would we automatically accept it as God’s message. Any spiritual information we gained throughout the day that we felt needed verifying would be held back until others had also prayed about its accuracy and integrity. It might sound unusual to see the same visions at the same time but we had become used to seeing with our spiritual eyes because we’d been interceding and doing spiritual warfare for a year or so. If people perceive a demon that needs to be dealt with, it’s because the demon is actually there, so anyone with spiritual eyes will see the same thing. Likewise, when God reveals something, anyone with spiritual eyes will see the same thing – especially if He wants to make a point.



God led me into what was essentially a 3-year prayer marathon. It was a season in God and as such it was light and easy (His yoke is) and enjoyable. We prayed for around 6 hours of most days for around 3 years. But instead of talking we listened and waited. With that much input of time we were guided to pray for this and that and were often shown the same things at the same time so God confirmed His leadings through each other. We quietly interceded over regions, released spiritually burdened people from curses, prophesied (they all came true, some many years later) and in one case, the prophet through whom these messages came was used to heal a woman from cancer – a member of my church was due for surgery the next day and already in hospital, so the healing was medically documented when the pre-op scans showed the cancer had gone. Our ‘prophet’ was gentle, preferred anonymity, and loathed the limelight because of the soul power it drew from others (see Scrolls 1 & 2). Known for the accuracy of her word of knowledge gift, she quickly told me at our first meeting that I’d been praying “Here am I God send me” – which had been my constant prayer but I’d told no-one. The reason God sometimes reveals the secrets of other people’s hearts is to encourage people in specific ways, but He only gives the word of knowledge gift to those who’ve truly learned not to judge or be critical.


The Prophetic Language: In those days of the rebirth into the Church of an emphasis on the Holy Spirit and gifts of God, prophecy was new and many people prophesied in Elizabethan English (“thus sayeth the Lord” with a load of thees and thous thrown in). Our prophet was down to earth and thankfully used everyday language – just as Jesus did.



The Scrolls began one sunny afternoon. We’d been sitting around in the beautiful presence of God, tuning into Him and listening for His guidance, and somewhere around 3pm our most prophetically gifted member, lying on the couch in the sun, began to speak. I immediately recognized that the words were prophetic and not her own because they were accompanied by a great anointing that fell like a brick into the room. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and began to scribble. The result was Scroll 1 – Purity. It’s a bit different from the rest, more instructive and less conversational because it’s the foundation to the other 9. Although our prophet didn’t know it at the time, the message was based partly on a recurring dream of a house that I’d been having for about a year. Scroll 1 is presented as a list of Keys – very different from the messages of unity, love, and power in the others, which reveal more and more of God’s heart as they progress. First came the Introduction, then as we waited and listened Scroll 1 arrived haltingly and we became aware that this anointing was very different. We’d been praying together for about a year by this stage, but this anointing was something none of us expected!



The Scrolls are about walking in the fullness of God, both keys to doing it, what we’ll find when we do it, and mostly, His deep desire for us to be one with Him, which is His end-times restoration. They teach us how to walk in His ways and have His heart – and all the love, power, and glory that goes with that. Those walking on these paths will walk in revival. But only God can prepare people’s hearts for the path He has for them.

God speaks on many levels and people might be shown personal messages through these Scrolls. I don’t pretend to have the one and only explanation for them, but I’ve recorded only what He showed us personally. The important thing is to ask to be shown for yourself and to learn how to hear the guidance of the still small voice.

Scrolls 1 to 3 seem to be the most clinical and directive. They deal with taking a person from an earthly or legalistic mindset to the threshold of paradise. They show how to discern the stumbling blocks of spiritual pride and elitism, and how to begin to wear the mantle of humility and gain the spiritual authority that goes with that. Rick Joyner has now also been given insight on the cloak of humility which he describes as the highest honour in heaven. He was shown this in his vision of heaven recorded in his book “The Final Quest’.

From Scroll 4 onwards the messages become much more intimate. They teach the nature of God and major on walking with Him so closely that we walk in the revival Spirit of the Latter Rain.

Scrolls 1 and 2 are fundamental to ditching the last remnants of ‘Egypt’ and moving closer into God’s heart. They set the foundation for the unique you – your pure self. If you are covered with a façade of dogma or other peer pressure, you will only be able to see God within those walls. But God is much more than any doctrine. Hence, the importance of humility so that we trust Him to lead and don’t limit our experience. It’s been said “If God hasn’t shocked you it’s because you haven’t understood Him yet” (Marcus Ardern, international teacher) and “God is always bigger than your theology” (Seth Fawcett, Wellington revivalist).

All the messages in these Scrolls hang off the need to avoid the traps of pride (including false humility), peer pressure, and self-sown opinions. We should test our truths like the Bereans did, but be open and fearless enough to have our opinions altered by experiences with God and trust Him to lead us well. If we want to live in His Love and Truth, He wants that far more. Spiritual life is a journey of learning – as it should be if we are to keep learning more of an endless God. Those who rely solely on ‘facts’ and exegesis, will never see God beyond the limits of their own minds. That’s why we’re told not to lean on our own understanding (Pr. 3:5, Rom. 12:16).



It’s important that our union with God is our own, and not someone else’s, design. We can learn from each other but our walk with God was designed uniquely for us by Him, and we can only grow on that foundation because He will only build on His own foundation. Anything else will stifle us because we will be trying to walk a path that is not specifically ours and so we’ll miss out on the blessings that await us on our own path. It’s like being born to be a tennis player, and trying to play our game wearing flippers, goggles, and a snorkel. These things are perfect for a diver – but major stumbling blocks for a tennis player. This uniqueness is utterly respected by God – but not often by each other.

One of my fave sayings is: “True humility is seeing yourself as God sees you” (Marcus Ardern). Humility is less about bowing down and more about accepting both our divinity and our weaknesses. Denying that we are elohim (ie, gods) is the pride – and price – of false humility (Ps. 82:6). Accepting our elohim status is simply accepting reality, the Truth. We’re made in His image. Scripture calls God ‘Elohim’ with a capital ‘E’, and us ‘elohim’ with a small ‘e’. A true disciple is a “little Christ”. The quote from a poem by WE Spencer (my father) at the top of this section, speaks of our spiritual authority and how we need to understand our place in God. When we do, we affect everything around us and can begin to ooze God’s divinity. In other words, we need to become godly if we want to become God-like. We’re made to be elohim, to govern our external and internal (soul) universes, and it’s our privilege and duty to seek that. It may sound grand but Jesus said we are heirs of His Kingdom, that He is the firstborn of many brothers and sisters, and that we’d do greater wonders than He did. I know a man who so oozes God’s Spirit that while walking through a mall, a demonized dude – a stranger – began to point at him and scream “Christian! Christian!” One of the marks of my friend is his complete humility.

We are born with a unique path designed by God and will find our highest satisfaction by fulfilling God’s call. ‘Unique’ means not like anyone else, and that’s the place where we meet God. In explaining these prophecies, I’ve added personal experiences where I thought examples would be helpful, but the real issue is finding our own unique walk with Him as He leads.



After receiving Scroll 1 we all confessed to struggling with the solidness of the anointing that came with it. We weren’t used to it and didn’t know how to easily flow with it. It felt like concrete. We concurred that the main anointing behind these Scrolls wasn’t prophecy but was ‘decree’. We were not going to be shown the wonder of a future revival, but were being prophetically given concrete spiritual principles for how to get there. It had not the lightness of the normal prophetic anointing, but it had a solidness to it that we each recognized as decree. That was something we’d learned about but hadn’t experienced before, and when we decided to risk sounding like idiots and say “hey, I get the feeling that was decree not prophecy” we all began to say it at the same time! That gave extra proof that we weren’t agreeing with each other just to be nice.

Decree differs from prophecy in that it’s not a future event or warning, or even simply a Divine conversation or encouragement. Decree is more concrete. It sets a thing – it says “this is what is” (eg “let there be light”).

Marcus Ardern ran the bible school I attended until he began teaching internationally 25 years ago. At the school he showed me a tree he’d decreed back to life. He was being taught the lesson and heard God tell him to tell the tree to live. It had been a thoroughly dead sapling stick for about a month, but by the time I saw it, it had flourished into a 15-foot happy leafy thing.

These Scrolls came prophetically but with an anointing of decree – that was the “brick” I felt fall into the room as soon as the first words began. They are things set in place by God and can instruct us and prepare our spirits for end-times revival by helping us to merge with our Mighty God and Lover.



The language in these Scrolls, especially from # 4 onwards, is intensely personal and reveals the Heart of God. The prophecies are directed to all who will follow Him down a unique personal path in rhema faith, chasing our Shepherd with a child’s trust that He’ll hold us and keep us safe. The messages provide ways for us to become one with God, as Jesus prayed for in Jn. 17. Gentleness, love, and respect are the keys that open us to His flow, but these things are much missing in today’s Church.

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In the context of these Scrolls, our spirit is our essence and our soul is our essence-plus-baggage – all the good and bad things we’ve learned and experienced, our incessant mental and emotional energy, the confusing winds of doctrine (Eph. 4:14), which is all a major distraction because our spirit is only essence. So we need to find the eye of the tornado – our own unique core – in order to walk as clearly with God and Jesus and the apostles did. We’re His Temple and in those terms our soul equates to the Holy Place and our spirit to the Holy of Holies, though the comparison is difficult in this context because we are sinful and our ‘soul power’ can be toxic. Hence, the importance of Scrolls 1 & 2. See also Spirit vs Soul – A Dream.

The difference between the power and energy of the spirit and soul is a theme throughout the Scrolls and was a constant part of our experience. Not surprisingly, averaging 6 hours’ prayer a day we experienced clearly the difference between our own energies and those of God. Fairly soon our own ‘soulishness’ became harsh and noisy to us – such was the gentleness and clarity of God’s Spirit. After receiving the prophetic Introduction to these messages, which said there’d be 10 of them, we all knew in our bones that the final message would be about the Latter Rain, so as the messages progressed we were surprised to find ourselves being drawn into God’s softness because we had expected that the closer we got to God the more we would feel some sort of earth shattering power. Instead we became more and more sensitized to the delicate whisper of His Spirit and the tenderness of His touch.

The softness of that Spirit, the delicacy of the anointings which felt as if they’d waft away if we so much as breathed, were entirely different from the earlier heavy presence we’d felt. We learned that the heavier sensations were to do with our soul energy, and we’d needed the extra weight at the time as we were still learning to discern His delicate subtleties. The incessant buzzing of mind and emotions all create a lot of white noise. Our own soul/psychic energy gets in the way of His still small voice. Prayer-meditation is about calming our lower selves enough to break through to His higher Spiritual realms. That’s why David said “I have quietened my soul like a weaned child” (Ps. 131).

We tend to think that power is a big solid heavy thing that commands respect. If God was a rainfall, we’d equate that awesome power with a torrential downpour like Niagara Falls. But He can also be like a single dew-drop. After the heavier (lower) energy of the soul realm, moving into the subtle purity of the Spiritual realm initially feels empty – like leaving London or Tokyo and moving to a farm in Fiji. This is the clarity of God, yet much of the Church still operates in the incessant buzzing of the spiritual equivalent to Tokyo. If things get too quiet they ratchet it up by shouting prayers, stamping their feet at the devil, creating some type of excitability, but it’s not the power of the Holy Spirit – only of the human soul.



What the Scrolls’ Terms Mean: Throughout these messages are the terms, soul/soulish power (the Anglican term is soulical), psychic power, spiritual power, 2nd heaven, and 3rd heaven. Paul said he was caught up to the 3rd heaven which was a paradise where God was (2 Cor. 12:2). Soul power and psychic power are the same thing – intrinsic human power of mind and emotions which belongs to the 2nd heaven. Spiritual power, both our own spirits and God’s Spirit, belongs to the 3rd heaven. These Scrolls – especially 1 and 2 – focus on soul vs spirit and how to ensure we walk in the higher realms of our spirits, led by God’s Spirit, in the 3rd heaven – like Enoch did. Heb. 4:12,13 says Jesus Himself is the Sword Who divides between soul and spirit. Paul describes the 3rd heaven as the paradise where God is, the 2nd heaven as outer space and says the devil lives there – ie, the prince of the power of the air, powers and principalities in heavenly places, etc. (Eph. 2:2, 6:12). Then we hear of the “birds of heaven” ie our sky. The focus here is on the 2nd and 3rd heavens which equate to the powers of soul and spirit. The prophecy on Faith (Scroll 2) gives the clearest picture of these realms.

The 2nd heaven or soul/psychic realm: This intrinsic human power/psychic (“psuché”) energy is neutral, not evil, but is sin-speckled, lower level, and easily tainted. Soul/psychic power can be used for anything from positive thinking, to affirmations, to hypnosis, to business brainstorming (which Andrew Carnegie invented in the 1920s to harness collective ‘psuché’ inspiration), to abilities to control the body and withstand extreme temperatures or block pain by an act of will which is taught in yoga, the military, and martial arts alike. It’s mind-over-matter. This soul/psuché power can also be sinister, eg mind-magic manipulative spells, for those who train and harness their own energies (such as witches). Also in this category are (ignorantly used) Christian prayers based on whipped up emotions, positive thinking about prosperity which is perceived as “faith” (see Scroll 2), and heavy-handed legalistic prayers that try to force another individual into a position of doctrinal agreement. When soul power becomes darker and more manipulative, including Christian prayers that focus on constraining other people, or charismatic cult leaders (some of whom may even have a semblance of ‘miraculous’ power) satan who lives in this 2nd heaven realm gets involved. Demons are attracted to lower level powers and so Christian legalism is a dangerous spirit indeed. As Rick Joyner said “If intercession is motivated by a spirit of control or manipulation, it is witchcraft and its power is just as real as that of black magic” (‘Epic Battles of the Last Days’ p 81). This realm is not God’s power or His Spirit.

The 3rd heaven or Spiritual realm: Unlike 2nd heaven soul power, this area is not under our control, which is why people tend to settle into 2nd heaven power. If they are charismatic people and/or have strong personalities it can be hard to grow the inner quietness and humility needed to “let go and let God” – ie to enter the 3rd heaven (see The End of Saul). People with those harder shells need harder breaking from God to get us there. Scroll 1 deals with this. Our prayers must be in tune with His will (as He says) and our spirits must be humble if we are to enter into the 3rd heaven – the paradise where God is – and live in His Kingdom. When we are in harmony with Him His power falls around us in a trail of miracles, but is much less to be desired than the beauty of His presence. Our lives are given to Him in Gal. 2:20 devotion, so He easily flows through us. We become one in intimate union with Him – it’s opposite to the focus of soul power which is about results. The only desired result in heaven is our union with our God. David panted for Him and Paul desired Him like a lover. See Knowing Him. Where He is, so are His miracles, but the focus is always and only on His Person. Rick Joyner prophesied that many will walk in the miraculous continually, that it’ll be as natural as it was for Israel to collect manna, but that God’s presence will be so magnificent that His significant miracles will be almost unnoticed, as He will be very close to His people. I have experienced significant miracles, sovereign healings and spiritual manifestations of things, both beings and objects, entering the physical realm. It mostly happened during deep worship. But as wondrous as they were they paled beside the beauty of His presence. Scroll 5 ‘Anointing’ and others also mention it. (See also Other End Times Prophecies > A Vision of the Harvest.)

The rich and famous can have a problem finding true friends who aren’t just after their status. Jesus knows who His friends are but still has many followers who want His riches more than His Person mainly because they’ve been taught ‘soulish principles’ and can’t see through their spiritual eyes. What a tragedy for the One Who desires us with such love that He died for us.

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Wednesday 28 March 1984

“There are 10 secret Scrolls being revealed. Whoever discovers these Scrolls are the ones who will bring revival. God can only reveal these Scrolls to ones He can trust. And these ones can only share with others a bit at a time, and bring the Truth into the world bit by bit. These ones, also, will only get one Scroll at a time revealed to them. There will be one among them who will provide a break to the revelations they have or they’ll move too fast and try to share it too quickly. The revelations are so powerful that people won’t be able to take their fullness all at once, but only bit by bit. The 10 Scrolls are in a wooden trunk or cask, a place where no-one would think of looking, but we will be led there as if down a secret path. Each time we get revelations, we’ll glow so much that people will fall before the glory of God and at last they’ll realise that God is all powerful.”



As mentioned in the Overview, I was instantly aware of the anointing on these words, the first sentence sent me scurrying for a pen, and we struggled with the heavy solidness of the sudden anointing. This message came almost as a word of knowledge with God not speaking in the 1st person until we received Scroll 1 a few minutes later.

Because most of it needs explaining, I’ve rewritten it in bold with the explanations interspersed.

There are 10 secret Scrolls being revealed. Whoever discovers – is open to God’s leading and embodies – these Scrolls are the ones who will bring – the Latter Rain – revival. God can only reveal these Scrolls to ones He can trust– He’s shaking many people at the moment all over the world to prepare them for spiritual humility and to know the difference between Spirit and Truth and soul and opinion (see Scrolls 1 & 2, and Heb. 4:12). And these ones can only share with others a bit at a time, and bring the Truth into the world bit by bit – because many Christians are still in soul power and won’t be able to deal with them easily, so the spiritual inpouring must come like a gentle rain that softens hard ground after a drought. These ones, also, will only get one Scroll at a time revealed to them. There’s a process here in which the message gets built into our spirits through God’s tests and experiences, so that we can embody it and reveal it naturally in our daily lives. God doesn’t stop at intellectual teaching but deals with our hearts. There will be one among them who will provide a break to the revelations they have or or – in natural human enthusiasm – they’ll move too fast and try to share it too quickly.In doing that, they’ll not only be sharing undeveloped knowledge, but the secrets would be served on a bed of human emotion and zeal rather than pure Spirit, and the message in them would be lost to the teller and the hearer. Soulish zeal is where fanaticism comes from – it’s human power, rather than Divine power. The “break” is provided to avoid this and to let true spiritual growth occur. The process requires both revelation and inner development. The revelations are so powerful that people won’t be able to take their fullness all at once, but only bit by bit. To fully internalise and embody these messages is a journey of being guided into that awesome Divine nature “gently, bit by bit” in bite-sized chunks. Taking on the mantle of divinity isn’t a clear process, is at odds with our lower natures and, if it’s real, will flourish and wither and flourish again more strongly as God builds “line upon line, precept upon precept” (see Scroll 4 and Song of Solomon). In this way He matures us – bit by bit. The 10 Scrolls are in a wooden trunk or cask, a place where no-one would think of looking – they lie in simplicity not complex theology – but we will be led there as if down a secret path. This journey is internal and led by God. This is why there is little step-by-step instruction in the Scrolls, and what there is, is mostly in the first three. The later ones focus on the blessings we’ll experience and impart as we walk in Jn. 17 oneness with our Beloved. They show what we must do, and why, in order to walk in harmony with God, but it’s left up to us as to how to do it. This is because of the incredible importance of uniqueness (Scroll 1), and why it’s a secret path. Each time we get revelations, we’ll glow so much that people will fall before the glory of God and at last they’ll realise that God is all powerful.” As God leads us into Himself the simple heart truths He gives begin to permeate us and we begin to glow internally and emanate a glory that reflects Him and is tangible. It will soften people’s hearts and they will come to know both the gentle nature and the awesome power of God. I haven’t had people fall before His glory around me but I have seen it happen around others and I’ve had strangers comment on His glow in me, and when praying for me begin to laugh and laugh saying that whatever I’ve got, they want it. A friend of mine, a very humble man, while walking in a mall one day had a demonized man, a stranger, point at him and cry out “Christian Christian”. When more of His people become more fully infused by Him, we’ll be ready to receive the harvest and will see the global revival.

In his book ‘The Harvest’ (p 87) Rick Joyner says “After we have tasted [the new wine] we will never again be content with the lifeless water of mere formulas and principles, contrived by the minds of those who substitute mental gymnastics for the ways of the Spirit.”

Regarding the” wooden trunk” of simplicity Joyner writes (p 13) “we must now return to our first love and never again be beguiled from the simplicity of devotion to Christ.”

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Wednesday 28 March 1984

“Almost all praying everywhere is done in the psychic realm because people have never had the key to get through to the 3rd heaven.

“KEY 1: Separate yourselves from those who pray and worship in a soulical way.”



Beware the leaven of the Pharisees – Purity is not Piety

These messages begin with a focus on prayer! They say that the Church needs Keys to start praying in the 3rd heaven power of Spirit & Truth, and to leave behind the murky realms of soul power. Then God gave 9 Keys. Key 1 is about separation. The word also means holiness.

The first step to finding purity is to move away from judgmental people and fear-based environments. Jesus said “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees” (Mt. 16:6, Mk. 8:15, Lk. 12:1). Pride and hypocrisy – the deceitfulness of sin – spreads like a cold to those near it and like yeast (leaven) it puffs up everyone in its path. Jesus says to pluck out our eye if it makes us stumble. Mt. 5:29 is in the context of those whose holiness is only surface and Mt. 18 and Mk. 5 both speak of entering heaven like a child, ie plucking out all falsehood and power-raking (the disciples were discussing who was greatest among them). If we are to pluck out our own eye rather than stumble, how much more must we be separated from others who are self-righteous? Jesus gives a strong message on avoiding false faith to maintain our purity and uniqueness and not wear a façade, as God only has to break those down anyway. Finding our purity in God is a private journey between ourselves and the Holy Spirit.

Like Gold not an Alloy: God told me long ago, “Purity is not Piety!” The purity this Scroll speaks of is like the purity of pure gold as opposed to an alloy. Nothing to do with virtue and everything to do with wholeness (the word salvation means wholeness). We’re told that whatever we do, to do it with our whole heart (Col. 3:23). It’s important to find our own pure essence in God because it’s the foundation God will build on. But if we have a pious façade He has to tear that down first, because He is pure Divine essence – unmixed – and can‘t merge with plastic phony falsehoods. Our purity is a ‘warts-and-all’ package of unique idiosyncrasies, and we come boldly to His Throne of Grace just as we are. It’s honest and cuts through any self-pretence.

This Key urges us to avoid heavy-handed religious dogma and teachings that use guilt and perfectionism. They are self-righteous and fear-based (and “perfect love casts out fear” – 1 Jn. 4:18). They place a barrier between us and the purity of God because pride and fear can’t exist alongside love and liberty. Our environment needs to be spiritually gentle and humble, not divisive and elitist. We need to rest in Him, not strive in our own works. In the Song of Songs 3:4, the Shulamite was being beaten by her soulish brethren for losing the Beloved, but no sooner had she left them behind than she found the one her soul loved.


“KEY 2: Clear the soulical realm of all psychic experience, phenomena, thoughts.”



I have quietened my soul like a weaned child

He says “Be still and know that I am God.” When we come to Him in stillness and let Him minister to us, impurities from ourselves and others fade away. The more we sit with Him the more He opens us to His quiet clarity. We can ask Him to separate the soulish from the spiritual in our prayers and to teach us the difference. He Himself is the Word that separates soul from spirit (Heb. 4:12). This Key is talking about the hectic and chaotic energy of the soul realm. Our minds and emotions hold power (after all, we are made in His image), but it’s our own impure human power, stained by sin. Occultists often use this power – witches use soul power, demonic power, or a mixture of both. Much of the Church also uses soul power (as God says at the top of this Scroll) and demons will jump on it if they can. God says to rise above it. Paul said to call every thought into captivity to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5) and Pr. 23:7 says as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. What we think is what we become and we are being restored into the image of Christ. We need to give Him our thoughts and He will inlay them back into us like veins of pure gold.

As we calm our chaotic soul we can see the doorway in us marked ‘This Way To God’, a doorway we might miss if we only look through the “dark glass” of our opinions and not use our spiritual eyes. Humility is the key and admitting that we don’t know it all and that that doesn’t matter softens the shell of our tough souls. The softer our mind-sets, certainties, and emotions are, the easier it is for God to lead us and let His Divinity filter into us – drip by drip. Then we learn how to recognize and follow it. These Scrolls (and my experience) show that the closer we draw to God, the more delicate and subtle His Spirit becomes to our senses. Thus, Key 2 is extremely important in creating the internal softness we’ll need. His gentle guidance can’t be heard over the din of limiting opinions or dogmatic emotions. Humility softens our hard heads, then we must avoid heavy-handed people of faith (Key 1), as the softer we become, the more easily overwhelmed we are by the brutish soulish “leaven of the Pharisees” and any heavy-handed or judgmental opinions from others begin to feel like a battering ram to the soul – the fiery darts of the ‘self ’ righteous. Whether their opinions are right or wrong, we’ll begin to understand that spiritual gentleness is closer to God than being intellectually correct. For example, if someone yells in your face that you need to be a more loving person (relationship counselors know this is not unusual) the doctrine is correct but the spirit behind it is so opposite that it defeats its own purpose. It happens when truth is presented through the soul – it turns into legalism. Finding our purity is about escaping all these soulish trappings.

We’re told to trust in the Lord and “lean not on your own understanding” (Pr. 3:5). When we remove our opinions and fears from the ‘I know it all’ pedestal, to the ‘I know some of it’ level, that’s when we become open to God. Jesus “emptied Himself” and we’re also meant to become vulnerable to God so He can lead us into step with Him.

Personal example: The still small voice advised us about where external impure energy was coming from if it was affecting us. This could be anything from gossip to spells, but all were ‘coincidentally’ confirmed within days. What God reveals, God confirms. We would be shown this soul power in various ways; concrete cells or shackles if it was stifling our growth, demonic creatures representing various things – ‘gossip’ always appeared as a snake tightly coiled around the person being backstabbed. Whatever God reveals is what to pray about, as well as bringing our own impurities to Him.



“KEY 3: Don’t just accept that the accepted teaching of the day is God’s whole Plan. Revelation of this Plan only comes via the Spirit in a realm above the soulical realm.”


Do not believe every spirit, but test them

It’s been said (by, eg Malaysian prophet Jonathan David) that the last days Church will be led by rhema just as the early Church was in Acts, which confirmed what God had already told me directly. We need to hear God for ourselves. It’s important to realise that even our most respected teachers don’t know it all, that those who try to say they do can be dangerous, and that God only reveals aspects of the Plan bit by bit as He prepares us to understand them. God’s Plan for the world and for our personal lives is given via 3rd heaven faith (see Scroll 2), but is not available to us at a soul/ego/intellectual level. When we begin to ascend into truly spiritual realms, those secrets are revealed to us, but only as He sees fit.

I’ve learned to not create God in my own image, according to my own understanding. We need to release ourselves from whatever soulish pigeon-hole we’re in (which are prevalent in today’s focus on church programmes, teams, and courses). God will keep surprising us until we learn to quit trying to control Who He is. These Scrolls show that it’s the living, not the knowing, that is important anyway. It is not our business to know everything about God’s whole Plan, but it is our business to try to flow with our small part of it. Our uniqueness is our guide. There are many teachings on the planet about what God’s Plan is and they can be stumbling blocks for spiritual growth in the individual. If we’re looking to follow an obvious and accepted group path, it can take God awhile to get us onto our own unique path. Personally, one of our repeated lessons was to find that certain things we believed were just wrong. In reality, how can you pigeon-hole something as huge as God? In the end we learned to just ask and not presume. It was exciting to see the miraculous in areas we didn’t expect as He revealed Himself in fresh new ways.

This Key tells us to be open to Divine guidance and not rely on our own understanding. As Paul said, “we see through a dim mirror” (1 Cor. 13:12). In those days a mirror was, eg polished brass – slightly better than looking at your face in a spoon or a river, and very different from our mirrors today. Paul said our perception of God in this life is slightly warped – we can’t see things clearly. To believe we know all about God is to put Him in a box, along with our own growth. To only see a limited vision based on what we think we know (usually due to what we’ve been taught and experienced) will obviously block the bigger picture. And it is a picture so big we will never know the whole of it anyway. In the words of 6-yr-old cockney Anna: “Mr God is so huge that no-one can know all about all of Him and anyone who says they do is wrong and only saying it for swank.” Out of the mouths of babes. (The incredible and splendid true story of Anna is told in ‘Mr God This is Anna’ – see Recommended Resources on the home page.)


“KEY 4: There’s a death trap situation in trying to get through to God’s realm. The psychic realm will not let one through. Once broken through to God’s realm there’s a death trap curse which must be dealt with.”


The flesh is at war with the spirit

This is spirit vs soul at high levels! Our lower flesh-natures (soul/psychic/ego) fight against our release into God’s liberty – sin will not let us through. Scripture repeatedly tells us that the only way to the fullness of God is to die to ourselves. God’s plan for the “old man” (the lower nature) is his death and He insists on removing it (Heb. 4:12, Gal. 2:20). This is so uncomfortable that often we’ll battle God until His fiery trials teach us to let go, and letting go of our sacred cows is scary because they are usually our security blankets so our lower natures cling to harsh soulish opinions as we confuse law with grace. The legalistic gospel becomes the “curse of the law” when human nature tries to fit God’s grace into our own pious boxes and limited understanding. Until we deal with this death trap we’ll never enter the fullness of God. The Sword of Heb. 4:12 circumcises our hearts, separating soul from spirit, and the final result is our Gal. 2:20 death when we can say that we’re “crucified with Christ”. Paradoxically, the Cross was God’s greatest victory and paradoxically, we deal with the death trap of our sin-nature by dying to ourselves. The Cross gives us the ability to die and the Holy Spirit gives us the power and guidance to rise in resurrection life. This is the victory over the death trap. In Rom. 7:13-25, Paul said “Wretched man that I am, who can deliver me from this body of death?!” Then He went on to thank God for the freeing grace of Christ.

We know that we’re meant to live in resurrection life, even in sin (Phil. 3:10-11, Jn. 14:12). But often modern churches try to gain that life through spiritual success techniques (soul power) while scripture says the only way to get there is self-death. In 30 years I’ve very rarely heard self-death preached and it keeps the Church weak!

Jesus said that those who seek to save their life (Gk. psuché – the will/soul life) will lose it but those who lose their life for His sake will find life (Gk. zoé – divine life). Breaking through to God’s realm happens when we die to ourselves and become separated to Jesus. That’s when He begins to lead us to higher places and shows us our blocks. Until then, like the party people in Key 7, we are oblivious to our immaturity. The limitations of the soul realm – the letter of the law – will ‘kill off ’ the eternal freedoms and truths of the Spirit. This is the death trap that puts our spirits in the chains of our human limitations (the people in the vision of Key 7 also wanted to ‘chain up liberty’). Our own opinions can block the knowledge that God would lead us into and even create years of spiritual stagnation. In denominational churches it has created centuries of stagnation! This is the curse that must be dealt with via humility and openness to His radical ways. Until we learn to die to our soul/will God will shake us. He says He’ll shake what can be shaken so that only the unshakable remains (Heb. 12:27). He is “a consuming fire” (v 29) and what is unshakable is only what He Himself created – in this case our true essence. Having our own understandings ripped from us via God’s fiery trials is what sets us free from our own shackles into the life of trust that Jesus had. When we can let go of our own ways and walk in total trust with Him – our inner purity blossoms because He takes the reins and fashions us into what He intended us to be.

As we went through this process we didn’t understand it all, but in each case if we were shown anything that was blocking our progress we simply asked God to break the chain. The releases were substantial. In one of my own examples of release I heard and felt something snap away from my heart area with a twang and got the impression that chains had broken and sprung away. Immediately afterwards a friend said, “that was a really loud twang, it sounded like chains breaking”! This is the benefit of “2 or 3 witnesses”.

Jesus died to break that curse of sin and its wage of death. We can enter into His resurrection life, but only by dying to ourselves (Phil. 3:10,11). If we don’t, we stay trapped in varying degrees of the death curse of our sin nature. It’s like being held under a soulish glass ceiling with fresh air just inches away. As we struggle within ourselves we receive opposition, mentally, spiritually, and often from others. The prayer is “Lord break me and make me what you want.” And He will. And it’s awful. Death to self is never easy, but the ‘flesh’ trap is one of the biggest barriers to God. So I reiterate, it is soul vs spirit at high levels.


“KEY 5: As long as you’re busy doing and being what they think you should do and be, you’re safe – but show independence and they clobber you. Remove yourself from this area. It leads to the death trap curse.”


And the world does not understand us because it did not understand Him

Key 5 reinforces Key 1. The search for our God-given uniqueness invariably leads to strife as our separation to God is put to the test. It’s vital to let go of the group mentality as these securities are bound up in the soul and the constrictions in them lead to the death trap that steals our spiritual freedom and inhibits the flow of God into us. Alan Jamieson’s book ‘Chrysalis’ describes this (see Recommended Resources on the home page). When Jacob wrestled with God, God asked Jacob his name. Jacob had been living a lie after masquerading as Esau and this was what God addressed. Biblically speaking a person’s character is in their name, and before Jacob could become Israel, meaning “Prince with God” he first had to acknowledge his real name meaning “supplanter” – his own unique self-ness. Only then did God give him a new name – a new character – uniquely designed by God. God’s ways are not our ways and somehow wrestling Him opens our hearts to worship Him. It brings intimacy with Him, and a reliance on Him – forever limping, leaning on God, and knowing our own weakness. Finding our unique identity is fundamental to a walk with God. He made us unique and He doesn’t merge with falsehood but only with our deep honesty.

Being unique and thinking independently seems to ruffle many people’s feathers – or at least, those with the pack mentality, including tribal spirituality. It’s part of human nature – but it’s not Divine nature. God creates our uniqueness, but human nature says “if you’re not like us you must be wrong.” It leads to the “my prophet’s better than your prophet” mentality – a thing which the bible repeatedly warns against (1 Cor. 1:12-13, 3:3-4). As spiritual creatures, humans seek righteous behaviour, but too often it is ‘self ’ righteous and those soulish, often fear-based, opinions are the “filthy rags” (Is. 64:6) that actually close us off from God. Often, we think that group connection is Divine, because we are surrounded by people saying it is. But merging with God deeply happens one-on-one – spirit to Spirit. Unity with each other comes from union with God, not from an ‘us and them’ tribal mentality, no matter how slight, and tribal thinking will block union with God.

We feel secure when surrounded by like-minded people and, as mentioned, groups which are of one mind have a powerful affect on those around. If they are soulish (the leaven of the Pharisees), their beliefs will be fleshly and cause us to miss God’s unique guidance. We’ll be trying to play our God-ordained tennis game wearing group-ordained scuba gear. It’s hard to run a race wearing flippers and a snorkel! We can become tainted and impure due to being a spiritual alloy of ourselves plus a group and can try to gain our spiritual essence from the group, or the leader of the group, rather than from God. God deals with us each individually – and individually do we learn our personal paths. His idea is for us to love each other’s uniqueness, then He can build the different parts of His Body into a whole. But trying to individuate from the pack will bring accusations of, eg backsliding. We must remove ourselves from this bubble of conceit because it will kill off our ability to move beyond our own boundaries. It leads back to the death trap – the ‘curse’ of sin and pride that holds us within a limited vision, underneath a glass ceiling and firmly in the soul realm of the 2nd heaven. This is faith in a box and we must move beyond it in order to grow in God (see Scroll 2).


“KEY 6: If you have any desire to control people you’ll never reach the 3rd heaven as these emotions are bound up in the psychic realm.”


Rulers of the gentiles lord it over them … not so with you

The desire to control others has a foundation closer to hell than to heaven. It comes from pride, insecurity, jealousy, self-righteous arrogance and other weaknesses. Those who feel they know it all – or at least most of it – can have a tendency to try to lord it over others. Those who believe Christianity is a hierarchy will lord it like the gentile rulers. This is guaranteed soul power and Jesus forbad it in Mt. 20:25-28. Control freaks are found everywhere but in spiritual terms they can be very damaging. Those who take a hierarchical view to spirituality will not be able to perceive true Spirit as they do not have the inner revelation of divine uniqueness and the spiritual equality inherent in that, even though scripture makes it clear. They think ‘unity’ means ‘agreeing with them’. (See Current Leadership & Submission Theology, and False Leaders.) Control of another, whether overt or subtle, is not compatible with God who insists on free will. Hence, His emphasis on humility. The final example of Jesus to the disciples was that He – God – washed their camel-dung-coated feet. He told them to do likewise and told us repeatedly that leaders are slaves not rulers.

Legalistic and unsympathetic attitudes will get in the way of our divinity and stop us being useful to God. These Scrolls reveal that being godly includes gentleness with ourselves and others, not just doctrinal accuracy. The fruits of the Spirit are in the Tree of Life not the Tree of Knowledge. I also believe a truly spiritual person will be busier putting themselves to rights than others. Pushy soul power can be very harmful and create wounds in a gentle spirit. When it comes to seeing things with spiritual clarity, the bible tells us to remove the log from our own eye before complaining about the twig in someone else’s (Mt. 7:1-5).

When we become aware of our own uniqueness in God’s Plan, we’ll understand that we have personal gifts that only we can bring to the world – and so does everyone else. We can be available to help others but with the respect and humility of knowing we’re guiding the Bride of Christ! Forcing our opinions on others can move into the dangerous realm of judgment and occultic control and can, and often does, steer people away from their true paths in God and not towards Him.

My prayer group had been approached for healing by many people who’d suffered spiritual harm from those who judged them, in harsh soul power, for not having the ‘right’ beliefs (according to the limited understanding of others, eg the requirement to speak in tongues in order to enter heaven). They sought warfare prayer because they felt blocked from God. We always found them to be covered in judgemental prayers that were not in God’s will, were jumped on by satan, and effectively became nothing more than curses. This causes great confusion in those genuine truth-seekers who are humble enough to listen to the opinions of others, and then lose their connection to God because of it – they lose their uniqueness! The irony is that the ‘imperfect and unsure’ are closer to God by virtue of not boxing in themselves or God, or creating an outwardly showy ego-based faith (see Scroll 2).


“KEY 7: If you don’t stay in the front of the house which is all posh but go out by the back door you’ll leave in total spiritual decay.” [in their eyes]


The letter kills but the Spirit gives life

As mentioned in the Overview to the Scrolls, Scroll 1 was partly based on a recurring dream I’d been having for a year about a house, but hadn’t mentioned to the others in the prayer group. A house represents a structure, in this case a belief structure. The ‘lounge’ represented a centralized place where people met, shared, and agreed. In this Key, the dream returned as a simultaneous vision to the three of us. We all were shown the same complex details, and the message of uniqueness became clear. The vision reinforces Key 4.

We all knew that we were being shown our unique spiritual paths through the legalistic eyes of the group in the vision, as God led us away towards our personal faiths. The words of this Key were spoken in prophecy but were also communicated to us by the group in the vision. Therefore, I’ve added the words “[in their eyes]” in editorial brackets at the end of the prophetic words, because we were all very aware that the words in the Key came from the mouths and hearts of the tribally-minded legalists in the vision. God was showing us what people’s reaction would be should we continue on the path of uniqueness, and it explained things we’d already experienced. In the eyes of the self-righteous this type of purity is spiritual decay. Why? Because it lacks the potent life-force of the group. It’s easy to think you’re right when surrounded by others who think the same way. The holocaust shows us how dangerous and powerful the ‘party spirit’ can be, and also that the real decay belongs to the party spirit – as the vision went on to show.

VISION: We stood in the lounge-room of a perfect house. The décor was luxurious, and glamorous people were having a party (“party spirit – fruit of the flesh”). It was a picture of outward perfection and group mentality (ie their faith was shallow, showy, and controlled). But there was no nourishment – the fruit in the bowls were plastic. It was a veneer faith, it looked good but had false fruit! We stood looking at the plastic fruit, and the glamorous group bunched together and looked suspiciously at us. We weren’t like them and therefore we were a threat – they couldn’t categorize us (see Scroll 2). We were aware that we had to escape as these perfectionists schemed to chain us up (Key 4) because we sought for more depth and did not accept that their perfection was true (Key 3). We can either be free to explore and learn, or be in the chains of pigeon-holes. We escaped the lounge-room and found that outside the posh façade the house was rotting and in utter decay. The perfection of the ‘self ’ righteous is an illusion. We found our way through the dusty servant’s quarters and up some stairs which were threatening to give way at each step and finally out a back door. Interestingly we had to ascend to do this, and the staircase lay via the servant’s quarters. We all realized and commented later that we were actually seeing the death trap of Key 4 (ie weak human strength) along with the people of Key 5 who distrust individual thought. The ricketiness of these steps was a picture of how flawed and ready for collapse our own opinions are, compared to Divine Truth. If we had ‘rested’ on any one of these ‘soul truth’ steps, fraught with the gaping holes and rotten wood, we would have fallen right through and back to the dusty emptiness below. Scroll 6, Victory, says the Cloak of Humility stops us falling back into soul power after we’ve escaped it. Outside the back door was a dirt lane. Simple, real, and humble – not perfect, not fake. In this lane was nourishment – a horse and cart delivering milk. It was a picture that simple sustenance was available here for the taking. At the end of the lane was the ocean which represented the depth and fullness of God, full of life and mystery. There, the vision ended.

The glamorous front of the house represented what we called ‘hollywood faith’ – a façade of unreal perfection and glamour. In those days the Charismatic revival had just swept the planet and part of satan’s backlash was that church groups became proud of their growth, of their perfect and glamorous teachers, even of their spiritual gifts and woe betide those who questioned their approach. The race was on for who had the biggest church and there was much power in these groups. God led them with prophecy, visions, healings, etc but human nature was also in stride and in their pride they pointed the finger (banned in Is. 58) at more traditional churches and called them “dead” and “destined for hell” saying anyone who couldn’t speak in tongues would be banned from heaven (despite scripture saying not all speak in tongues – 1 Cor. 12:30). These soul ‘truths’ were indeed made of rotten wood. Then came satan’s main backlash via the shephering/discipleship movement which killed that revival by taking control of God’s people (Key 6) and demanding they submit to men.

The danger, again, is the group mentality. In his book ‘Chrysalis’ (Recommended Resources) Kiwi minister Alan Jamieson studies how God leads people away from tribal faith. Those who seek more depth have to leave that place of decay. But the proud will always see the humble as being beneath them. Letting God take us down the road less travelled (ie, escaping this arena by the humble and unpopular back door), is one way of ensuring we’re acting spiritually rather than soulishly. Our path will have similarities with others’ but it’ll always be a road less travelled as each path is for each person uniquely, and no-one else can walk it. Jesus said “I will build My Church” and He alone can look into the heart and build like with like (see also Key 9). This Key simply says that when we leave behind the latest church fads, the self-righteous who think their way is God’s way, will think we are leaving God. As Key 1 says, we need to remove ourselves from that environment in order to find God’s essence.


“KEY 8: True praise in Spirit & Truth”


God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth

We praise God by enjoying Him and living in His ways. One of those ways, as Scroll 8 shows, is JOY itself. Again, we need to be humble and open enough to God to get drip-fed truths that will shape our unique paths. Our foundation of Truth is that Jesus died for us, rose again, and sent the Holy Spirit to seal us. From there we “work out our own salvation in fear and trembling”. God will give different emphases to an evangelist and a prophet – they need to know different things and have different training for their jobs. Finding our essence in Him and, through that, living in union with Him, is true praise in Spirit & Truth and fills us with joy. 2 Cor. 3:3 says we’re living epistles and Eph. 2:10 says we’re His “workmanship” which in the Greek is “poiema” meaning poem. We’re poems of His beauty created uniquely for good works that He made for each of us before time began. To honour Him is to outwork that beauty. We become a living testimony – a poem of praise – just by finding His path for us.

When we step out in faith to allow God to lead us into His Truth (Jn. 16:13) – even if we have to drop our dearly held ideals (Keys 3 & 7) – we find that His Truth has nothing to do with arguments and debates. The Tree of Knowledge is not the Tree of Life! At 9-years-old I fell in love with a line from ‘The Little Prince’ (by Antoine de St Exupery) “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Seeing with the heart shows the essence of a matter and is the view from the Tree of Life. Seeing with the intellect shows the parts of the matter and we analyze the building blocks without ever seeing the whole picture (which is greater than the sum of its parts). This is the view from the Tree of Knowledge. For example, the fact that we’re made up of organs and bones reveals nothing of our true essence! Yet modern churches have become obsessed with the organs and bones of the written word and argue over the details. This is soulish.

There is no argument in Divine Life because like a healthy body all is in harmony. But we are all still unique so the harmony doesn’t come from us all being the same (“if the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be?” – 1 Cor. 12:12-27). Spiritual unity and a heart of praise come from such things as acceptance, mercy, integrity, loving God and each other, and dying to self.

Key 8 reminds us that our goal is Spirit and Truth, not soul and opinion. Even if our knowledge is accurate, if it isn’t loving it can’t be described as the Spirit of Truth, after all, satan quoted scripture. God also revealed this to Kirk Bennett, prophetic teacher at the Kansas International House of Prayer, see Spirit vs Soul – A Dream. Love and Truth both flow through everything God is. Life is for joy and true praise brings great joy, and lifts us up in His heart. When we walk our unique path directly with Him, we walk in our spirit, His Spirit, and His Truth, which leads us into our personal truths which He made us for from before the foundation of the earth. And what spontaneous praise that brings from the fountains of our spirits!


“KEY 9: Be a sealed-off cell with membrane functioning allowing only that which is beneficial to life to pass through it.”


A garden enclosed is My sister, My spouse, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed

This is about keeping the integrity of our uniqueness – vital to ourselves and His Body, for when a cell mutates it becomes cancerous. We must be what we’re made for – and not an alloy! In the Song of Songs the Bridegroom praises the maiden for being an enclosed garden and a sealed fountain – she is only for Him (Songs 4:12). Compare also Num. 19:15 – without being sealed, we are impure! After claiming our uniqueness (purity) in God, and becoming separated (holy) to Him, we must never go back. Normally, after finding our own path in God, it’s impossible to go back. We are a cell in His Body and are sealed by His Holy Spirit. We need to stand firm in what He’s made us to be, even if it puts us at odds with legalistic brethren (Keys 5-7). It’s essential that we maintain our pure essence by allowing only what is beneficial to spiritual life to enter our hearts. We do this by being a sealed-off cell.

We’re affected all the time by the energy around us (“beware the leaven of the Pharisees”). Likewise we affect our surroundings, especially through prayer, and when we understand how we affect all things we’re connected to, we realise that what we impart truly affects the heavens and the earth, (see God’s Attributes are Seen in His Creation), and we see the incredible importance of ensuring that He increases in us, while we decrease, which leads to the crucified purity of Gal. 2:20. To do this we must “be a sealed-off cell” with the membrane of our souls allowing only Divine spiritual food to pass into us. In that way we become filled with the divinity and love of God. The importance of these treasures is outlined in Scroll 3. Phil. 4:8 is good advice for where our souls should focus.

We should be humble enough to listen to others and take on board what they say – but chew it before swallowing and make sure it’s good, keep our own counsel with God, and be aware that our uniqueness is as we are meant to be. He’s big enough to keep us safe. It may be a journey to find our inner core but nobody else can do it for us, and God is there. We’ll then be in a position of being fed directly by Him and our own spirits will begin to flourish. Whatever food comes our way, we need to lay at Jesus’ feet and if it’s good He’ll build it into us and if not He’ll remove it from us. All His people need to do this if we are to become His functioning Body. He said “I will build My Church”our part is to let Him form us into are the building blocks we’re meant to be.

In Ruthless Trust (p 141) Brennan Manning cites the story of Israel Schwartz who desired to be more like Moses, but was told by an angel that on Judgement Day God will not ask why he was not more like Moses, He will ask why he was not more like the beloved Israel Schwartz God designed him to be.



Scroll 1 began by mentioning weak and tainted prayer and then gave 9 Keys for discerning between soul and spirit (Heb. 4:12) to help us rise into the higher realms of God. It describes the pitfalls of human nature which hinder this, and how to overcome them so we can meet directly with Jesus. In finding our own pure uniqueness we will ‘miraculously and coincidentally’ be given tests and lessons. We’ll probably receive opposition from the opinions and accusations of others, and internal wranglings as we wrestle in humility with our own truths and become aware of the heaviness and stickiness of psychic/soulish energy. But these fiery trials help to refine us as pure gold. God needs to grow us into our unique selves and paths so that He can begin to complete all His Body parts. The mark of a cult is tribal mentality, each has to think with a group mind as instructed by a human leader. But God has given each of us a unique foundation and He only ever builds on the foundations He Himself creates!

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Saturday 14 April 1984


“Faith in the 3rd heaven is a gift – when one is anointed with faith. It is effortless and easy. Doubts still creep in but they’re more easily discarded. Faith in the Spiritual realm is not so much creating images, but seeing them as a completed work in the flash of the eye. Expectation comes from a Divine impartation and not from self-effort. It is waiting for Me to move the pieces around the board and not for you to move them yourself. It is a hands-off situation where you don’t interfere or try to steer too much. Nor try to influence others to be part of a scheme. It is triumphant being able to say ‘it is done’ by revelation before it has even begun on earth.”



The 3rd heaven is the same place as the Spiritual realm (as opposed to the psychic/soul realm). It’s the place where Paul was caught up to (2 Cor. 12:2-4). True spiritual faith focuses not on technique, but on our union with God – thus we receive faith as His gift. With 3rd heaven faith, the substance is already there (Heb. 11:1) and we only have to say “it is done” before it’s begun on earth and let God do the rest. Our ability to do this comes from walking closely enough with God in 3rd heaven faith, to know what He has planned and to let Him guide what we pray for. Jesus said He only did what He saw the Father doing – His power and answered prayers resulted from the closeness of their union!

Real faith is a “hands-off situation”. Trying to steer the Divine Plan is an exercise in futility and frustration. Jesus said to learn the lesson of the sparrows and the children. The sparrows are provided for completely by God – why should we fear that we wouldn’t be? And becoming as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven speaks of the simplicity of a spirit that rests easy in the arms of God while it plays and learns. Faith in the Spiritual realm is about being attuned to, trusting, and resting in God. This is the faith to move mountains because it comes from God rather than self-effort.

“Faith in the Spiritual realm is not so much creating images, but seeing them as a completed work in the flash of the eye.” The image-creation this speaks of is visualization which can become occultic because it comes from lower level powers. If we choose to flow with God we will be more in tune with Him and the closer we are to God the easier it is to pray according to His will and thank Him in advance. We know He hears us because our faith is in His love, not in our own level of ‘faith/willpower’.

Scroll 1 shows how important it is to discern between soul and spirit and Jesus Himself is that Sword Who divides the two (Heb. 4:12). God’s powerful Spirit can be exquisitely gentle – when He spoke to Elijah it was not in the mighty wind or the earthquake or the fire but in a still small voice (1 Kings 19:11,12). That’s why we must still our noisy souls to hear with our gentle finely-tuned spirits. Elijah’s experience also shows one of God’s refining patterns – the mighty wind of the Spirit broke the rocks around Elijah – scripture tells us that when Moses hit the rock to get water it was a picture of Jesus, and Jesus our Rock was broken on the Cross. Then the earthquake came to Elijah and after Jesus died on the Cross there was an earthquake. Then a fire came to Elijah and after the Cross came the Holy Spirit in flames of fire that settled on the disciples in the upper room at Pentecost. God puts us through the same pattern, the breaking of our flesh (chipping away at our rocks), the earthquakes/shakings of the soul to rid us of self-will, and then He baptizes us with fire to bring us into His 3rd heaven realm of true Spirit, gentleness, and power. As at Mt Horeb and Pentecost, it’s only after the fire falls that we receive the Promise and then God will lead us to reach out and restore – to bring the love of the Saviour to earth (see About Vision 2, below). Faith in the 3rd heaven is hands-off, gentle, and effortless because we are working hand in hand with God, walking our own unique path with Jesus, and therefore, outworking His own will. Jesus did and said what He saw to Father doing and saying. That’s faith in the 3rd heaven. A beautiful union (see Emerging Worship).



“Faith in the psychic realm has a sense of heaviness. It lacks the lightness of the faith in the Spiritual realm. Self-effort and manipulative pray-ings are involved. Visions are created step by step then brought into being through psychic awareness. Prayers are often accomplished by the manipulation of the person in a situation. While they call on the Holy Spirit for direction, the broad-brush approach means they miss the delicate leading. They may get a general direction but in processing it, it becomes heavily fanatical and manipulative. Much frustration can occur because prayers are apparently unanswered – their creative dreaming doesn’t come true. This is because these prayers are not completely in God’s will and at the same time they don’t have enough psychic power to make it happen. The continuous repeated psychic healing of a person is very heavy and makes the person’s spirit very tired. While they may show some physical improvement, spiritually they have had heavy weights put on them. Creative dreaming often involves putting people in boxes so they can be labelled like insects. Once categorised they have a pin stuck through them so that they stay in their glass case. Often in latter years, people involved in praying this way will lose whatever discretion they have and become heavily manipulative to achieve ends which they believe are God given goals. A feeling of hysteria emerges in them when they see other people freeing themselves into the Spiritual realm. They cannot face up to it. The bible can become like a torture machine “do not go there or this will happen; these are your boundaries, go over them and great fire from heaven will burn you up.” Or they place on the bible a spirit of soulical power. So that while faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, instead of touching the Spirit of God they connect with a soulical spirit. This is not miracle power, it is not revival power or free life-giving power. It has its roots in worldliness and heaviness. While the fruits of the Spirit belong to the Spiritual realm and no one can enter therein without a measure of these fruits, the fruits of the flesh are prevalent in the psychic realm, especially the ‘party spirit’ and ‘enmity & strife’. People in the psychic realm despise those of the Spiritual realm and also those of the earthly realm because they cannot put them in a box and categorise them.”



Jesus used harsh words in this message but it’s nowhere near as harsh as soulish energy feels to a soft spirit. It was very enlightening to us at the time. We’d been dealing with people who were spiritually depressed, who felt they’d lost their connection to God and were at a loss over why or how to fix it. They came to us for prayer. We repeatedly found spiritual chains on them or something like concrete cell walls around their souls that had been put there by the judgmental (well-intentioned) prayers of people with enough soul/psychic power to affect the person, but one which hindered the Divine Plan because it cut across their uniqueness. God will only ever build on His own foundations “line upon line, precept upon precept” and His foundation for each of us is unique. “Prayers are often accomplished by the manipulation of a person” speaks of the well-meaning but heavy energy involved in trying to make someone else do, be, or understand, something. God says He doesn’t even hear prayers that aren’t in His will, but satan sure does and he jumps all over them and turns them into spiritual chains – curses. Prophet, pastor, and author Rick Joyner warns in ‘Epic Battles of the Last Days’ (p 81), “if intercession is motivated by a spirit of control or manipulation, it is witchcraft and it’s power is just as real as that of black magic.” Praying in that way is occultic because it’s trying to force a sort of ‘spiritual surgery’ on another person – altering their will without them knowing about it. That’s why God said to Isaiah “Come, let us reason together”. If anyone has the right to alter someone internally God does – but He chooses to allow choice via the reasoning process. He helps us understand, and He leads and allows us to follow if we choose to. Any spirituality outside that is occultic. Freewill is God’s prime directive.

Manipulative pray-ers think their prayers are positive, but they are self-righteous and effectively place the recipient’s soul in a prison cell. Sometimes it took hours to disentangle people who came to us because of the sheer number of streams of negative soul power. Binding demons is much easier than untangling people from the sticky cobwebs of legalistic prayers and their souls would cry out for release without them knowing why. For the same reason the Scroll speaks of repeated psychic healing of a person tiring their spirits. Our spirits need soft, light, gentle energy – it’s like oxygen to us, but a heap of soul power from many, or repeated psychic prayer from one, can drown us in heaviness. God’s Spirit is not manipulative, but freeing. He will not make anyone do, or be, anything. To pray that way is not Divine thinking and will not hold Divine power.

The ‘party spirit’ believes it knows the only truth (the mark of a cult), but it’s divisive. It’s tribal mentality and human nature – “I am of Paul and I am of Apollos” (1 Cor. 1:12-13, 3:3-4). Peer pressure and division do not exist in God’s true Kingdom! People like to be liked and we’re social beings, but in a spiritual group where ‘truths’ become so important, it’s not uncommon to have the party spirit, which is a fruit of the flesh. People feel they belong by being of one mind with several others. But only when we cut through the differences of our soulish opinions and unite in God can we truly raze the barriers between us.

Where the Scroll says that people in the psychic realm “despise” those in the higher and lower realms, it means that those with a group mind distrust others who aren’t like them, as in Scroll 1 – Key 7. Those with earthly faith are seen as lesser for not having the same level of power or knowledge (eg some in the early Charismatic renewal called traditional churches dead and hell-bound and insisted that those who didn’t speak in tongues were banned from heaven, despite Paul saying not all speak in tongues – 1 Cor. 12:30). With attitudes like that no wonder the devil had entrance to that movement. Those with 3rd heaven faith can be seen as anything from loose cannons to unspiritual – the latter because those with Divine awareness don’t flaunt any party lines and are quietly and humbly focused on out-living and enjoying their unique and glorious relationship with God. This is also covered in the book ‘Chrysalis’ (details under Recommended Resources) with examples given of church-goers, including elders, being harshly accused simply for questioning. The unbroken soul desires people to be like-minded. But revival will only come God’s way and His way is a unique relationship with each of us. And He wants the same between each of us as well – His Body. It is the pride of the soul/ego that makes people “despise” (ie reject) those who are not like them.

Psychic faith is closer to mind-magic. It is based in soul/psychic/human power and is used from healing to positive thinking. It can be powerful, but it is not Divine! It requires effort and training because the attunement is to our own soul-power, infected with sin, and it gets in the way of 3rd heaven godly pure faith.

The worst thing about faith in this realm is that it is usually proud and judgmental, as well as fear-based (eg it focuses on ‘results’ and then brings notions that a lack of result is due to a ‘wrong’ level of faith or actions). Any fanaticism is a good example of faith in the psychic realm. These things cannot hold the Divine truths of love or understanding. They are polar opposites in their spiritual essence. Most of Scroll 1 deals with how to avoid psychic faith.



“My people in this realm are crying. They want a spirituality so they look at the people in the psychic realm and are repulsed and close in on themselves. They see a heavy and confining spirit so they come away confused and wonder where My spirituality is or why they cannot connect with it. Instead of gentle fishers coming along they keep coming across heavy-handed psychic pray-ers. This they find distressing and it sends them further from God. In reaction they become worldly and the bible has less and less appeal. They become faithful followers of tradition. The spirituality in their lives will slowly ebb. They are hurt by those in the psychic realm, but often they are closer to Me than those praying in the psychic realm. They wait patiently for My gentle fishers to come to them.”

“Bridges must be built between the earthly and Spiritual realms, which curve up and straight over the top of the psychic realm.”

Note: “The Gentle Fishers” is the title of a book – author unknown. The gentle fishers were Christians who hid their faith in order to help Jews return to Israel after 1948, so that their faith didn’t cause the Jews to reject their help. They became known as gentle fishers.

VISION 1: We were all shown the same bridge – a long lean white sweeping span-bridge with no sides, very futuristic like something from a Jetsons cartoon – a bridge across the stars. It began in the earthly faith realm and spanned the top of the psychic realm in a huge arc, coming down on the other side in the Spiritual realm of the 3rd heaven.

VISION 2: We also all saw the same picture of us all tip-toeing up to a high concrete wall and peering over the top. Beyond it we saw a land flowing with milk and honey, ie the nourishment and richness of God – all the things that can only be found via a pure faith. We were shown that this was the land of our hope.

About Vision 2: This made more sense when the next Scroll came, but we knew we were being shown the essence of the coming message, even though we did not yet know what it was to be about. The reason it came at the end of the Faith Scroll was to show us that this richness of the Promised Land (the ‘Promise’ of the Holy Spirit) can only be accessed by 3rd heaven faith.



Faith in the earthly realm is about the silent majority who don’t trust a showy faith and feel uncomfortable with overt enthusiasm or hard-line (soulish) rules. They may shy away from ‘arm-waving Christians’, but nor do they find a God-connection within traditional religion. People who wish to find spirituality need to be able to see beyond that showy interface and into the domains of God Himself, with an inherent humility and groundedness. The ego needs to be circumvented in order for our spirits to attach to God because the ego’s power-base lies in psychic power. It is the power of the soul – human, not Divine. Faith in the earthly realm is already humble, but many have lost the desire to seek God fully because when they look at the most overt and visible faith-style around they see only a ‘hollywood veneer’ faith. In reality they’re often closer to God and more precious than they realize because they value a personal reality with God rather than connecting to a group expression.

These humble souls spiritually ‘clash’ with those of the psychic realm. They believe themselves to be far from God and are waiting for the gentle fishers to show them that their honesty and humility has actually brought them close to God. As these Scrolls show – the real connection lies in small kindnesses in daily life; to others, selves, and all creation thus showing a reverence to the Creator which is in Spirit and Truth because it comes naturally and individually. Jas. 1:27 tells us that true religion is to visit widows and orphans in trouble and to not be worldly.

“Bridges must be built between the earthly and Spiritual realms, which curve up and straight over the top of the psychic realm.” This last sentence came quickly from our prophet’s mouth – sort of blurted out. I set it as a separate paragraph because as we sat in silence it came a couple of minutes after the rest. This message is about bringing true Spirit to true hearts and bypassing anything that’s divisive and judgmental. The bridge speaks of God’s ability, and desire, to touch all soft and humble hearts, and shows a Divine disinterest in harsh or proud energies – “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Our divinity resides in our higher natures. Closeness with God brings both Divine power/greater holiness and Divine love. Faith in the earthly realm has the love, but not the power. Faith in the 3rd heaven has power, but it’s only gained through the lessons of love. It is the spiritual gentleness and humility that these two areas have in common. The difference with faith in the psychic realm is that it is proud, exclusivist, and anxious. Its small power is tainted and weak.



This Scroll shows that soulish/psychic faith cannot be Divine. Not because it’s somehow ‘evil’ (though demons will surf on it given half a chance), but because it’s proud, limited, and ‘heavy’. Worse than that, it comes from a part of us that holds our powerful emotions, and the lower energies of fear, pride, envy, etc will also hinder closeness with God because such emotions don’t exist in harmony with Him. Psychic/soul power plus a healthy dose of lower emotions can be a recipe for curses, both deliberate and accidental.

It seems that people at either end of the spiritual ladder have a uniqueness in God that He can use to grow and establish us. Those in the middle, who use their faith for fame and argue their own brilliance, or who use their faith for security and are afraid of learning more of God lest they be deceived (ie don’t trust Him to hold them), or who use their faith for acceptance and disapprove of others who don’t think the same way, are stunted in their relationship with God. Their faith holds too much fear and judgment, too much pride in their knowledge (“do not be wise in your own opinion” – Rom. 12:16, Pr. 3:5, Pr. 26:12) and too little of the simple things such as mercy, empathy, or joy. The energy created by psychic faith is heavy and is bound up with frustrations and striving to be ‘right’ which is ‘self’ righteous, and thus filthy rags (Is. 64:6) and disobedience (see The Sabbath). The Faith Scroll underlines that true faith comes not from knowledge, but is a gift from God through a heart relationship. The more deeply we know Him, the more our faith cannot help but skyrocket. Like the messages in all of these Scrolls, union with God comes from a soft heart that loves Him, not from a turgid belief system.

We can ensure our faith is spiritual by testing its uniqueness and gentleness, and whether it is a burden or a pleasure for us. Divinity is a blessing, not a burden! 3rd heaven faith is a hands-off faith where we let God do the steering. Our ‘power-base’ is not our own, but belongs to the Holy Spirit – and that power is strong (the faith to move mountains). We need to be aware of what constitutes psychic faith because it will cause disconnection and spiritual harm to ourselves and others. But if we reach out (build the bridge) in gentleness to those who seek God but are not close to Him, we can impart this gift without dogma, and it is dogma that people reject. When faith is real in us it flows naturally through our daily lives, which makes dogma irrelevant. There’s also little room for uniqueness in dogma. It is the gentle fishers who will lead the revival on earth because the hearts of people are designed to respond to love and empathy, not pushy spiritual rules.

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Friday 27 April 1984

“The Helmet of Hope rests on your minds. The mind must be continually hopeful. Not in the things of this world, in vainglory and self-seeking, but in treasures amassed in heaven. Hope for a Divine impartation everyday from God into yourselves. A hope that can see, in every tragedy, a glorifying of My presence, in every situation. Hope is not to be tampered with, manipulated by others, or to question how others hope. Hope that sets store by great wealth is a shallow and blighted hope. It is a hope full of weeds and its end comes to nothing. A hope that is undefiled is a hope which is to see My glory on every head and that My Truth may abound everywhere. I wish hope to be so upon you that you won’t even see the hassles and problems of the world, nor be weighed down by people’s inconsistencies and deviousnesses. But My hope is so strongly on you that the world will grow dim. Leave behind vainglory and self-seeking. As you put on the Helmet of Hope each day, think of treasures amassed in heaven. Think of My glory, My power, and My holiness in the heavenlies. Do not be taken in by the shabby tricks of this world which say that hope in worldly pleasure or power or adulation has anything to do with those whom Me and My angels honour as upright men of integrity. The hope you must have is also to see the same power on earth as it was in Jesus’ time. A hope where all the sick are healed – a hope which overturns countries and governments, for each must face a personal decision for or against Me. This is your hope. Keep it undefiled and untarnished and it will protect you from satan. Hope in My glory to come on this earth, in the glory already upon your heads, even now. Hope in the anointing on you to wrought great miracles in My name. Hope and remember that those who touch My prophets burn their fingers.”

VISION: We each saw a ‘spiritual’ group bowing down to clever spiritual discourses, self-glorification – the creation not the Creator. God is saying to us and everyone, “Who are you bowing to?!”



This Scroll begins to move towards abiding in the Kingdom of God. When we find our God-ordained uniqueness, accept the same in others, and have shunned the heavy-handed soulish/psychic faith based on human will, then God can begin to lead us into His wonders and glories. “Each must face a personal decision” “a hope that overturns governments” “a hope to see His glory on every head” (ie every person reflecting Him) “a hope to see people with as much Divine power as Jesus had” – as He also said we could have (Jn. 14:12). Overturning governments was a mark of the early Church (Acts 17:6). This hope is not about gifts or power but about reflecting the very character of God.

The Scroll says to keep our hope untarnished and it will protect us from satan. To be filled with God’s Divine holdings is strong protection – hope is a mighty weapon. But even our godly hopes must be laid at His feet for Him to reshape and purify. This message insists on aspiring only to heavenly treasures. It asks very clearly who we are bowing down to. God or mammon? A life of God and grace or a life of materialism and struggle? Divine Truth or clever rhetoric? The Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge?

To see “in every tragedy a glorifying of His presence” is what happened when Lazarus died.
While the mourners wept, Jesus said it was to show the glory of God.

Amassing treasure in heaven means that we build in precious stones, not wood, hay, or straw (1 Cor. 3:12-15). We need to have our eyes on eternity and not on this fleeting existence. We’re told “whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, decent, virtuous, or praiseworthy, meditate on these things” (Phil. 4:8). It keeps our sights firmly on God’s ways and helps bring us into harmony with Him. Going with His flow for our unique life will ensure that we walk the path God made for us from before the foundation of the earth – whether that fits in with current church fashions or not. (It didn’t for Jesus.) When we seek His Kingdom first, all our needs are met (Mt. 6:33). We can rest in Him and allay our fears by putting on the Helmet of Hope. Our hope must lie directly in our relationship with God, closeness with God, laughter with God.

Hope is our land of milk and honey – the promise of what’s to come, as Vision 2 at the end of the Faith Scroll showed. Scripture says we don’t hope for what we already have (Rom. 8:24.25) but for what’s coming and by faith we know we have it. So hope and faith combine to give us strength. Our hope must not be tampered with or taken away, or enforced by another – we all have our different gifts and paths. To tamper with hope is to pour cold water on someone’s joy or dream. We must tread care-fully with each other. When a toddler shows you a colourful scribble and joyfully says it’s an angel, you don’t tell them it’s a messy scrawl and offer art classes, you tell them it’s lovely. Such things build the spirit. Stamping on hope breaks the spirit (“Hope deferred makes the heart sick” – Pr. 13.12) People may need kind guidance if they’re hoping in ungodly things, but this message is speaking to those who seek a close walk with God. We must be careful how we question the hopes of others.

The Scroll points out that one thing His Church should be hoping (and praying) for is that His glory will return to earth. Scripture says the same but the message is rarely preached. Pulpits too often focus on human behaviour (right living) or faith techniques (occultism). The fact is, the Bride can’t be glorious without His presence reflecting off us. The only way to live right is to die to self and let God take over – to fill ourselves with a focus on the things of God and heaven. Only that is right living. It isn’t so much a moral code (especially a middle class societal code which changes from Victorianism, to apartheid, to free love, to political correctness without any biblical foundation) but about our minds and hearts in eternity. The pulpits must begin to encourage each person into a deep relationship with God so we can be avenues for His Kingdom (glory) to come on earth. He died for this relationship.

The last sentence is a warning that those who truly live close to God will have opposition from legalistic souls who clash against true spirituality, but that anyone trying to cause them harm will get a lesson, often instantly and sometimes harshly. As mentioned, because we were being led down this path God gave many confirmations. I’ve known His protection – He’s gone before me and He’s come behind me.

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“HOPE” – continued

Wednesday 2 May 1984

“Hope can be a chastened awareness to people around to tell the whole truth at all times. And the truth sets people free. It is a very freeing and liberating experience. Your hope is to see your every command done, completed, performed. If a tree is good, it’s made good by you – and its fruits are good. If a tree is bad, it’s made bad and its fruits are bad. So in My name you will make this distinction. My hope and yours must be for a truthful world, for all My people to be completely truthful, to have a genuine love, one for another, and to esteem others more highly than themselves.”

VISION: After the above message, our prophet had a vision (this one not simultaneously shared by us) in which she walked through utter desolation: bits of sticks that had once been trees, bones everywhere and a stench of decay. She asked “God what have you done?!” He replied “They lied so I had to kill them.” “Oh dear” said she, and continued walking. She then came across a lovely oasis of happy people who gave her food and she asked “Why are you here?” They replied “Because we’re honest.” “You must be” said she.

She also received the bible references, Rev. 22:14,15; Joel 3:16; and Acts 5:1-11. When we looked them up they turned out to be about dishonesty and protection.



We were surprised to find a ‘part-two’ to this Scroll. It was a top-up – some additional emphasis on the treasures we need to fill ourselves with to have abundant life. Firstly, total honesty is essential. It’s not so easy in a world that favours white lies for the sake of emotional niceties. But satan is the father of lies and there was never a false word that came from the mouth of Jesus. Our speech is vital to our spirituality and our Melchizedek Priesthood (see also, Being an Oracle). Living in integrity brings our uniqueness and purity, which is incredibly freeing. As Shakespeare said: “To thine own self be true and it must follow as night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.”

The verse “the truth shall set you free” (Jn. 8:32) can also be translated as “reality will set you free”. To hope for His truth in us is not about confessions but about living in the reality He intended for us – our unique integrity and purity, guided by Him. Living in His Name – His character – will infuse us with His truth and reality – and from that foundation we come closer to God because He is pure integrity and He can’t merge with a single molecule of falsehood “for He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim. 2:13, Jas. 1:17, 1 Jn. 1:5). It’s interesting that the Scroll links being “completely truthful” with having a genuine love for others, and that the goal of our hope should be for everyone to be filled with truth. Love and truth go hand in hand – we’re told to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15). This is important because the more united we are with God the more our words and prayers will “see our every command done” via our 3rd heaven faith, and that sort of spiritual authority comes from wisdom, truth, and love. When we are exclusively set apart to Him and identify with His nature – we start to become heirs of His Kingdom and authority.

“Seeing our every command done” is also, I believe, talking about decree. I was told of a man, Frank Garrett, on the mission field in China who gave up praying for the villages and began to speak commands over them that they would receive salvation. It broke through and established something in the heavenlies – the result wasn’t instant but it happened. To be able to use our tongues for decree – to see our every command done – our speech must be pure and our tongues whole. Total truth goes with total integrity which means our hearts will be whole and “out of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mt. 12:34). It’s our integrity that makes our words powerful. Jas. 3:10,11 says a mixture of blessing and cursing must not come from the same tongue, and that a spring cannot send forth both fresh water and bitter.

Mt. 12:33-37 talks about trees having good and bad fruits. It’s about what we grow in our lives and we make ourselves produce good and bad fruit based on what’s in our hearts – integrity and honesty, or mixture and façades. What we sow into ourselves we’ll also reap and it’s us who must make the distinction, as the Scroll says. When we walk in His Name we can ask Him to help make us people of integrity – it will also help us discern the fruits of others.

The final sentence is an excellent hope – a truthful, loving world. It repeats the previous message that our hope is for all people to reflect God’s character. This, our restoration, is the hope of heaven and the reason for the Cross. It goes beyond the Millennium and tells us to begin to live in eternity even now (Eccl. 3:11). Our truth – which brings freedom, integrity, spiritual strength, and good fruits – is a great treasure to pursue and store up for ourselves. Esteeming others more highly than ourselves is what Jesus, the Lord of Glory Himself, does for us. When we can do it for each other we’ll be His Body and have His Kingdom on earth. Currently there is much empire-building going on in the churches and esteeming each other more highly than ourselves is the antidote (Phil. 2:3). I long to see God’s people esteem others more highly than themselves. It’s rarely practiced, especially with our restless modern lives, and I’ve never heard it preached or given any emphasis. Yet without it Jesus would not have come to us!

The alternative to all this is what was shown in the vision. Utter devastation. Death. Rev. 21:27 says that liars remain outside of heaven, which the vision clearly showed. On another level it means that if our spirituality isn’t honest and true but opinionated and ego-based, we end up desolate.



It’s a great treasure to have our hope in the restoration of mankind – that all are truthful and loving. It’s completely in line with God’s own great hope – a hope He died for. Our truthfulness will grow the fruits in us that have integrity and therefore spiritual authority. People without His integrity – His identity – are obliterated.

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Friday 4 May 1984

“The relationship I call you to is a delicate love relationship. Follow Me in a delicate way for I am the most sensitive of lovers. There is not a part of you I don’t know. I know your every strength, your every weakness. Do not listen to people who tell you it is a brutish relationship of keeping rules and following brutish teachings. For, to follow into this delicate relationship you become more truly yourself than you ever were before. As a new Christian you get lost, as in a strange city, but you do find Me again. But know that in the meantime the brutish advice and pushing around is not from Me. The heavy-handed approaches are from people who are not in this delicate love relationship with Me but only understand this love in a heavy and brutish way. To go out into the villages and early into the vineyards to see budding fruit, is to leave behind all the shackles of the world, all the ambitions and riches of the world. To live a simple life with Me and get up early in the morning to watch My fruit budding in you as you become transformed into My glory. As I withdraw Myself again, this time your efforts to find Me result in people bashing you up. Know that it is a rare privilege, destined for those who truly love Me and truly follow Me, the person who seeks My glory and wishes that their only adornments are My fruits, My love, My joy. Upon finding Me again the relationship becomes much more intimate, there is a oneness, a set-apartness, to sit on the mountain of spices together and bask in one another’s love. The beauty of this love is beyond human description and those who experience it know the most complete ecstasy that this world can know. Seek Me while I’m still to be found. Enter into this love relationship. Then the plannings and cravings, the jealousies and wranglings of this world will just fall away. There are secret compartments in you that are still unopened. I wish to open them so that you may be one with Me. The kisses of your mouth are not sufficient. They are only the beginning. Come, My children and become one with Me and know that it is such a delicate and sensitive relationship.”



When He immerses – baptizes – us in His love all else pales. Nothing can compare. Nothing. Not even His glory. For while His majesty fills the heavens and His glory will awe and floor us, “God is Love”. People were made to be embraced by His love and we need it like air. The love of God is indeed the most exquisite touch anyone can know in this life and its beauty is truly “beyond human description”. It is rare in the world and even many acquainted with Jesus are too busy following brutish (man-made) rules in fear to know His sweetness. It is an anointing that topples everything else in life: “the plannings and cravings” fall away. My own questions, arguments, plans, and anxieties literally floated into a basket called “Who Cares” as the arms of my protector enfolded me and I knew I was in the safest place I could be. In the beauty of His presence there’s only one focus – Him. It’s a forerunner of the Throneroom experience where He is the only focus (Rev. 4:10). In the Song of Songs, the Beloved praises the Shulamite for having “dove’s eyes”. I’m told that doves can only focus on one thing at a time – she only had eyes for Him. (See also, Personal Worship.)

Paul prays that we may know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge so we become filled with the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19). The word used for “know” is “ginosko” – the deepest and most intimate form of knowledge (see Knowing Him). This verse tells us that the very thing that fills us with the fullness of God is knowing the love of Christ. That love will turn anyone in a Mystic, longing for Him like Paul and panting for Him like David. Without that deep love-bond we can only know His acts – His fruits, gifts, powers – but with the bond we know His ways like Moses did – His mind, His heart, His Person. In this place we groan with longing (2 Cor. 5:2), sigh with delight, laugh for no reason except for an inward joy so pure it bursts out. This love comes in waves that can make the heart pound for days which I experienced as He glowed and flowed inside me (Jn. 7:38). Normally an ongoing pounding heart would mean health issues but when He is cherishing you and His encompassing love is everywhere, you know there’s only safety, life, and peace in His presence. That’s the meaning of salvation. He was consuming me and when I found the ‘dc Talk’ song “You consume me, like a burning flame running through my veins” – I knew I wasn’t the only one.

This is the next level of worship and relationship that He’s currently pouring into His Church. (See Emerging Worship.) On U2’s War album, the song “Drowning Man” quotes Is. 40:21 saying that if we hold on tightly and don’t let go of the love that lasts forever we’ll “rise up with wings like eagles – run and not grow weary”. Eagles rarely flap – they soar on thermal updrafts in effortless flight, just as we can soar on God’s Spirit that carries us. When we really know what it is to rest in the centre of His beauty, we see our own efforts truly are filthy rags. When we have the love that lifts us our only desire is to hold on tightly and not let go. This Scroll speaks of total merging – intermingling – with our God and Lover. We begin to find our true selves as our secret compartments are opened by His heavenly hand – we “become more truly ourselves than ever before” as we are laid bare in vulnerability to His love. Jesus is described as “full of grace and truth” (Jn. 1:14) and as Scroll 1 explains, He can’t gel with blame and falsehood, just as a magnet can’t attach to plastic. He guards His integrity and He will not deny His own character (2 Tim. 2:13, Tit. 1:2, Jas. 1:17, 1 Jn. 1:15). As we humbly drop our known plastic façades, and He clears away our unknown ones, our unique purity and His love are mutually attracted. These are the budding fruits that are birthed in us as tender new shoots that transform us into His likeness. Our desire to leave behind the “shackles of the world” skyrockets as we see clearly how unimportant they are – especially compared to His beauty. He is magnetic and addictive, “altogether lovely” and “the desire of nations”.

This Scroll is heavy with the imagery from the Song of Solomon. U2’s lyrics reflect the Shulamite in Songs who “held him and would not let him go”. When we hold on and don’t let go He begins to transform us “from glory to glory”. In Hebrew the word for “glory” means “to reflect”. As we rest in His love we reflect it. I once had a stranger tell me my face radiated the sort of love only found in the bible, and I could feel His heat emanating from my cheeks for days and weeks, all the while with my pounding heart. Long ago I told God: “God, if you ever have me ministering in love, I’ll know it’s from you cos I’ve got none of my own”. It was a throwaway remark that God threw back at me.

Divine love is not about feeling gushy towards people. London’s Statue of Eros in Piccadilly should really be the Statue of Agapé as it’s dedicated to Lord Shaftesbury who brought child labour to an end. When God’s love overwhelms us it pours out to others.

After receiving this Scroll, the anointing that came with each prayer or prophecy became increasingly delicate and subtle. What had begun a year before as an exciting feeling of great spiritual power as the miraculous and prophetic came through, now began to feel so delicate it can only be described as gossamer wings. Anointings that had felt like floods of spiritual glory on us instead felt like gentle dew falling softly into our hearts, almost as if we’d miss it if we breathed. It was because we’d become soft ground and He no longer needed to pound us with Himself. We were able to sense Him and flow with Him on a whole new level. We were made very aware of the easiness of merging with God and just how effortless it is meant to be. This easy rest is the love of the Creator. (See also, The Sabbath.)

1 Cor. 13:4-7 describes love: “Love is patient and kind, does not envy, is not boastful or proud, rude, or self-seeking, is not provoked and thinks no evil, does not rejoice in injustice but rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” ‘Fail’ (‘ekpipto’) has two meanings: not only does love always triumph, but also love never ends.

God’s love is extraordinary – an intense mixture of deep warm peace, electrifying exhilaration, and a feeling of being utterly cherished all at once. It radiates out through our spirits, pulsates, comes in waves, covers us like a golden mist, inside and out, and has physical effects. Yet this is a mere taste of the 3rd heaven ecstasy described by Paul who didn’t even know if he was in his body or not (2 Cor. 12:3-4 – in context Paul is refusing to boast about his many revelations, but scholars agree he’s speaking of himself).

Those who seek heavy spiritual power either still need convincing or are working in the psychic/soul realm. This type of faith effectively blocks 3rd heaven Divine love. They miss its essence (and the very power they seek) because they don’t understand that it comes wrapped in gentleness. It has the awesome power of a volcano wrapped in the gossamer touch of a snowflake. It’s hard for those who seek power to become soft enough to touch the Divine heart. Too often people seeking revelation just want information and miss the Revelation of Love. To seek His ‘facts’ but not His heart is a rude slap in the face to the lover of our souls. This Scroll holds the personal language of a God so devoted He died for us, who is telling us what we will find in a relationship with Him. In the language of tenderness He insists that heavy-handed approaches are not Divine. My old bible teacher (and now global teacher of 25 years) Marcus Ardern said of that brutish faith, “Isaiah says Jesus came to set the captives free and if I see groups of believers who are bound in rules or fears I know it’s not from Him”.

Mantle of Divinity: Paul said in 1 Cor. 15:53 “For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.” He’s not only speaking of our physical death and resurrection but of merging with God in Jesus – the great I Am – which brings an incomparable love, which then brings the fullness of God in us (Eph. 3:19). The word “incorruption” isn’t about moral corruption but means something that doesn’t rust or tarnish – doesn’t break down. Divine love is incorruptible.

Putting on incorruption and immortality, like an eternal internal cloak, is the Mantle of Divinity
– and the message of the Scrolls.

But as Scrolls 1 and 2 say, it comes with humility, uniqueness, grace, and truth. Anything else is a poor counterfeit – a brutish energy.

The reference to the “kisses of your mouth” reflects the first verse of the Song of Songs in which the Shulamite maiden is asking for the kisses of the Beloved. Here, He’s saying that even this is only the beginning as we find union with “the most sensitive of lovers”. At the beginning of our Divine union we must learn to walk the talk. Part of that is to let God open up our inner spirit – our “secret compartments” so that our whole being can be transformed, including the parts we don’t know about and the parts we’d rather stayed the same. He wants both our kisses and our spirits to be filled with divinity – He yearns for our union enough to die for it – but because of free will He won’t force this intense love, which is so powerful, tender, and liberating it’s beyond human words. When we see this, we truly understand that the love of God doesn’t lie within strict belief systems, but in freedom, beauty, truth, grace, justice, and light, which are all part of His love. We’re told to walk as children of light (Eph. 5:8), and this mixture of tenderness and power will reveal Him to the world. He is intoxicating. If a person ever loved me as intensely I’d run a mile. But He makes His love liberating not possessive while at the same time He says “Mine”.

The Scroll warns us that God will withdraw at times. This is to lead us to new pastures and a deeper intimacy. Hence, on reconnecting “there is a oneness, a set-apartness” and we “sit on the mountain of spices together and bask in one another’s love”. This beauty is why we hold on so tightly when we find it. But we are also warned that the separation can result in being “bashed up”. The separation and beatings both happened in the Song of Songs which is God’s picture of a life with Him. (If He didn’t spare His Son why would He spare us? John, Peter, Paul, and millions of martyrs found it was an honour to suffer for Him – Acts 5:40-42.) The hard lessons help us find new ground but often come from the legalistic and religious – eg the brethren in Songs 3:4. The Shulamite had to leave them behind (Scroll 1, Key 1) and the moment she did she found her Beloved.

Once we’ve experienced this love it comes as a shock to have it ebb. It’s confusing and, as if the separation itself isn’t bad enough, others may blame us believing the separation is due to ‘wrong understanding’ or ‘fault and punishment’. This is the lesson of Job’s friends who blamed him for his string of curses and told him he must’ve done something to deserve it. It can be a slap in the face to one going through God’s refining fires. These are ideas without love or compassion and once we’ve tasted Divine love we become more aware of the painful fiery arrows of “brutish” soul energy. It’s fear-based and “perfect love casts out all fear”.

Divine Love is a lesson that can take awhile to learn, sometimes years, because it is not ours to generate and we rely entirely on God. My prayer group struggled with this message more than any other. It was hard to internalize and after we received it God began shifting things in us that created discomfort, as if He was changing our foundations. He was. For me it took years of His refining fires before I could truly say I live in this place. But as the prophecy says, when those fires died down there was an intimacy I never knew possible as He set me apart to Himself. Now prophets who don’t know me pick up on my address being “His chamber” and “the Holy of Holies”. His love truly brings His fullness. The Scroll says His heavenly hand has to “open our secret compartments” to remove anything that robs us of our ability to reflect His glory. This is why the journey can take awhile – He has to get us out of His way. We can meditate, pray, fast, control our thoughts, perform random acts of kindness, but we can’t drum up a sacred Divine romance because, as He told me, that level of love can only come from Him. Expecting to find the fullness of His love in our own tainted soul power – our actions or programmes, bible colleges or courses, is the height of futility. The Song of Songs shows He will refine us with trials, then descend on us and cover us with the Love of Heaven. Especially if we ask Him to.



When we are touched by Divine Love we find ourselves curled up in Him, cherished and contented. We begin to realize that this delicate, warm, all embracing Love is the heart of the matter, that we have no power to generate it, but can and must rest in it. Soulish religion is clearly revealed as the opposite of God’s desire. Spiritual glory reflects off us and Divine fruit begins to bud in us as we are transformed into the incorruptible and immortal, and filled with the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19). I simply can’t find the words to summarize this message so I’ll turn to God’s own word. Song of Songs 4:9 reveals how God feels about those who cherish and share in Divine Love. We are called both sister, denoting our family connection to God – and spouse, denoting our legal spiritual locking and merging. The Beloved says this to us:

“You have ravished my heart my sister my spouse, you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes … how fair is your love my sister my spouse, how much better than wine is your love … your lips O my spouse, drip as the honeycomb”.

It’s an incredible thought that we can ravish God’s heart simply by responding to His magnificent love. Kirk Bennett, prophetic teacher from the Kansas International House of Prayer, says that Songs will become and increasingly important book that God will use for revelation in the end times. I agree. It’s already begun with the heightened outpouring of love, worship, and devotion into hearts that are open.

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Friday 8 June 1984

“You have been tested with hail, rain, fire and snow. Every wind of adversity has been blown upon you. You have been shaken to the roots of your foundations. You have known your bitterest moments and now you will know what true love is. It is to pick up your bitterest moments and thoughts of despair and bring them to Me as a love offering and know that there is no suffering too great for you to go through for My love. Now I know I can trust you in the midst of crushing storms, I will anoint you with my Mighty Anointing. This anointing you must wait for. It is not through effort or striving, but because I have prepared you and you’re ready and waiting. The anointing will transform you into My glory. The anointing on your heads will be visible to many people. Miracles will follow like petals falling in springtime. The dark areas of your hearts I have drawn forth and I will cleanse, so your hearts will be pure and shining and lifted to Me as choice fruits out of season. As the anointing fell at Pentecost, so My anointing will fall on you and you will be led thither and yon. You will know great joy and excitement but remember that this anointing of Me is delicate and powerful and performs great miracles. It has an authority all of its own. But you will meet people with the other anointing which is purported to come from Me but is heavy and cruel, steps on people’s toes and achieves little. It brings no glory to Me. It promises much but delivers little. It knows how to dazzle and create excitement, but does not draw people into My love. But as people encounter ones under My true anointing, many will cry as the floodgates of Heaven are poured out upon them. Their hearts are open to receive My love. Many many miracles will happen but they will be understated, almost unnoticed, because My glory will be so magnificent and My love will be so poured on all heads that no one will seek to lift themselves or others up on a pedestal. My true anointing doesn’t make people puffed up, arrogant or prideful, but it is willing to be the servant of all, humble and obedient to Me, no matter how much scorn or derision that obedience produces. My servant Marcus has borne great scorn and derision under the true anointing he’s had from Me. Behold, I will lift that from him for awhile because the jealousy of others would utterly destroy him if I don’t take him into a period of quiet. So don’t think that I have forsaken My servant. Remember that when it happens to you, it’s because you need to go away from the limelight and from jealousies. If the anointing abates, set yourself aside to Me. I will glory in your obedience and protect you. So, my raggle-taggle gypsies, do not look for dazzling lights but look at Me simply clad on the Cross and say “Jesus I will follow wherever You lead. I will follow on my knees for I am nothing without You”. If you remain a simple servant the wrong anointing will not come upon you. You will not have wrong visions if you come to My Cross and remember that you are nothing except through My Cross. This is the secret of My true anointing. If you see the little flowers in the desert that is what it’s been like for you, and sometimes will be again. But is that not better than being puffed up and treading on other people’s toes and bringing other people onto arrogance? So My simple children, keep your eyes upon Me. I wish you to walk a path of humility. Behold, My servant Michael has been sent across your path because he will always lead you into humility and purity of thought and show you how to be My servant. If you keep contact with him you will not be tempted to become a pirate of conceit. Each day come to My Cross. See My simpleness and purity. Imagine Me at Galilee and My simple lifestyle there. I will keep you simple and pure and My pure anointing will rest on your heads.”

VISION: Simultaneously again, we all saw Jesus on the Cross in a cotton robe and us kneeling underneath in cotton robes. Nothing else. Just a void, and this picture. Simplicity and emptiness.



The opening phrases of this Scroll deal with the fact that genuine truth-seekers will go through God’s fiery trials. They are harsh! He promises to shake everything than can be shaken, and He does. He promises His fires will refine us as pure gold, and they do. When we follow Jesus we may stop at any point and rest in Him forever, but the parable of the talents urges us to fulfill the measure of faith we’re given. To fully enter into Him, His love and authority, to be a true disciple, we must die. He will never give His power to the unbroken – it’s too dangerous – and we rob ourselves badly if we avoid His refining fires. Our lack of self-death not only means He withholds His power, but also that we block ourselves from knowing the fullness of His love. The more we are refined, the more aware we become of the harshness of soul power all around us. Learning to perceive harsh religious soul-power before it hits us, usually means being on the receiving end of it until we recognize it, and learning humility often involves being ‘miraculously shafted’. God allows every rug of false understanding to be pulled out from under our feet. Not just allows it – ensures it! This is why the Scroll begins the way it does. These tests and trials confuse us – they are designed to break us – to kill the flesh. Prophet Jill Austin said “God loves the smell of roasted sheep” and ex Franciscan Priest and author, Brennan Manning, says in his book ‘Ruthless Trust’ (p 48) “anyone God uses significantly is always deeply wounded.” The early Church would not allow anyone to be an elder if they weren’t broken and when Paul’s apostleship was questioned he didn’t cite the number of churches he’d begun, but the number of times he’d been whipped and shipwrecked (2 Cor. 11:23-29). David said that the sacrifices God will not despise are a broken heart and a contrite spirit (Ps. 51:17). When we are shaken to the point of knowing our weakness then He can flow though us. When we’re weak, then we’re strong (2 Cor. 12:10).

God is always bigger than our theologies and He will force our hands off His steering wheel.

The Scroll says that when the anointing falls on us we’ll be moved “thither and yon” like a chess-piece as happened at Pentecost. It’s a picture of Jn. 3:8 – God’s people under His anointing move unpredictably in the wind of His Spirit!

This beautiful message also tells us that our most bitter moments are a love offering to Him. Being willing to handle conflicts for His sake and then bring that pain back to God, is a great “love offering”. Any conflict we suffer from negative forces aiming themselves at our spiritual brightness (which is what happens when we first begin to shine) simply pales in comparison to knowing His love. If we go through trials and suffering for His sake, it is a small martyrdom and He adores it. Jesus and all the apostles did it – it’s our privilege and He honours it greatly and tests our trustworthiness. The message compares that to the false anointing of soul-power which is harsh and weak. What I’ve learned is that the closer we walk with God the more of His miracles follow because where He is, so are His miracles. But those seeking the power are left only with soul power. Those seeking Jesus who like David pant for Him, and like Paul desire Him in the most intimate way possible (see Knowing Him), will live surrounded by His Spirit. Miracles will and do follow but they are indeed understated because our focus is only on Him. I had years in His refiner’s fire and know what His confusion and trials are as He keeps His foot on our heads and miraculously frustrates our every turn. Jill Austin’s “roasted sheep” is more than a phrase – no-one can frustrate us like God can and He will have us as burnt offerings on His altar IF we’re blessed enough to be chosen for that level of purification which leads to deep union with Him.

Now answered prayer and His “surprise love gifts” come as no surprise because He pulled me into union with Himself in a way that nothing but His fires can do. He must kill our flesh so we can unite with Him. This is why there’ll be “glory” in our obedience – not because we’re following blind rules but because we’re immersed in Him. (See Obedience vs Harmony.) Those who wear this mantle of divinity are so rare they are like “choice fruits out of season” and “flowers in a desert”.

I have left the Scrolls as they were received, as prophetic quotes from Jesus, and so must explain the personal names in this one. Marcus was my bible school teacher. He’s been teaching internationally since 1985 and is highly respected. Because he is a teacher, there are quotes from him scattered through this website. Apart from his teaching mantle, he’s known for his humility, graciousness, having miracles follow him, and his prophetic ability (including being used to bring God’s word to one of our Prime Ministers which caused a dramatic shift in our government). Those who know him have a unified testimony saying “he answered my question before I asked it”. His word of knowledge gift is so strong that I describe him by saying that when he’s ministering he opens his mouth and God falls out. His anointing is strong because he’s been through God’s grinder and the Scroll uses him as an example to explain that when we walk strongly under God’s anointing we’ll likely attract both jealousy and misunderstanding from others around who are operating in the soul. Thus, God’s anointing for service will descend and lift, as His presence does for seasons of intense love. When His anointing lifts it can feel like a winter of the soul. Catholics call it the Dark Night of the Soul, modern believers call it a Desert Experience. But like winter, it is for our replenishment. As Rom. 1 says, we only have to look at nature to see God’s principles in this. We might not like winter but it’s when the earth rests and renews herself ready to burst forth into new life. And so God takes us into times of rest after times of glory.

The wonderful term “pirate of conceit” is a picture of how we can tend to steal glory for ourselves if working in the soul realm. It’s obviously ego-based – ‘I can do this, I know all about that, yay me’. But the Scroll tells us to follow Jesus “on our knees” and reminds us that “we are nothing without the Cross”. This is the “secret” of the true anointing – His death, and ours. We are urged to have a simple attitude and to turn away from seeking overt and glitzy manifestations of spiritual power which “knows how to dazzle” but achieves little and never brings people into His love. We begin to see that Divine power is about our union with God and unity with each other – hence the emphasis on the Cross. God’s anointing is very powerful – but it is not about power, but about love – and so the Scroll reminds us that the true anointing is soft and gentle, not cruel and harsh.

About the Vision: The vision showed that people in this place have an inner simplicity and have learned that focusing on simple heavenly treasures (Scrolls 3 and 4) is what opens us for God to flow through.

The Anointing Itself: Imagine a big hose between us and God. Our spirit reaches up and God’s Spirit reaches down. Our end of the hose is slightly clogged with our human foibles – leaves, gunge, cobwebs – sin – general blocks to God’s flow. Going through His refiner’s fire is what clears the blocks away. This anointing felt powerful but at the same time we ourselves felt empty, as if the hose had become spotlessly clear inside so that every atom of space was filled only with God’s Spirit. In this place of purity, great miracles can occur. This is the anointing that Jesus had – He was sinless so the “hose” between Him and Abba was spotless and allowed all of God to flow through. Jesus was the fullness of God in bodily form (Col. 2:9). We will never be fully unclogged, open, and pure as Jesus was, but by relying on His grace not our own flesh, we can live as He did and fulfill the measure of faith we’re given. The amount of God in us depends entirely on staying free of internal debris by filling ourselves with humility, purity, 3rd heaven faith, heavenly treasures, and resting in His love.



We’ll go through severe storms to become trustworthy enough for God to flow through us. When we’ve found our own unique purity, discerned spiritual from soulish faith, and learned that union with God is a very light delicate love (and the only thing that matters, the thing He died to restore), then this gossamer but powerful anointing will follow. Once in that place we can be truly useful because we’ll be following the Divine Plan, walking the path He made for us. We’ll desire simplicity and purity and be repelled by the heavy complex dogma or arrogant beliefs inherent in soul power. This anointing survives only in an atmosphere of humility and love for Jesus. It will descend and lift, and when it descends it will be our time to do “a season” of work with Him. The anointing is gentle but powerful, and miracles will follow.

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Friday 15 June 1984

“Behold, I have taken you into a new place. A place of rejoicing and of victory over satan. To get to this place required cleansing and allowing Me to do a deep purging in your lives. As you were before, you were tired and weary. You fell to the ground in exhaustion while satan jabbed you with oppressions, particularly from other saints and from pretending saints who I have intended for My wrath at the end of the age. This place is swarming with psychic energy and you have had constant barrages in your minds of mental telepathy. Your ability to hear Me and to discern has often been impaired by the chaotic energy flashing in all different directions. But behold, I have taken you up to a place of tranquility and quiet, a place of pure Spirit where the angels live and where you will talk with Me face to face. This rest, I have brought you into after a long struggle of being faithful in all circumstances. In this place of rest, My anointing rests upon you. You will be mighty warriors in My name. Oppressions will no longer besiege you, no longer defile you and confuse you at every turn, or attempt to utterly destroy you. But instead your fights will be directly against satan. But this will be a more victorious and triumphant situation. Rejoice that your names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, but rejoice even more that I have brought you into this peaceful and tranquil world with Me, from which you will perform great miracles. The cloak of humility which you will wear is the one which will protect you from falling into the sticky world below. If you should become proud or arrogant, or besmirch yourself with hypocrites or people under the wrong anointing you will fall back into this sticky world. Rejoice in this new land of joy and great contentment, of fulfillment, answered prayer and great miracles. Come to Me, to My Throne of Grace My children each and every day, that is your right and your privilege and I will anoint and instruct you. This will be a time of intimacy with Me, of a closeness that you have only ever dreamed of, that surpasses the imagination. You will be full of gaiety, life and liberation. If people operating in the soulical realm wish to have the same anointing as you and wish to have your liberty, look at their hearts and I will show you what’s there. Do not waste time with people who are not genuinely after My heart. I will show you My lambs, who I love and who you will call, in My name, into this place of greater victory.”



Victory is liberty and intimacy – “a closeness only dreamed of that surpasses imagination”. He is true delight, joy, and pleasures evermore. Often people think that having victory in God means having the power to conquer every fiery dart of satan and to proclaim and decree in His name – to heal and perform miracles and prophesy. But true victory is to come to a place where we’re resting in His intimate love and are joyful. We’ll have eternal victory in His Cross long after satan is forgotten. The victory of the Cross is our restoration to His life and love – it is victory over death (1 Cor. 15:54). Scripture says “become as a child to enter heaven”. When the disciples found they could cast out devils they were thrilled but Jesus said to be even more thrilled that their names were written in the Book of Life. Living with God is better than having the power of God (that was what satan did not realize) – and living with Him in intimacy is the pinnacle. We know He loves us, but when He gives us His intimacy it truly does surpass the imagination. The goal of the Bride is the heart of the Bridegroom – and vice versa.

satan can’t come close. If he tries, he is effortlessly repelled. Prayers are quickly answered because they so closely align with His will because we are so close to His heart. In this place we automatically say with our prayers “Beloved, if this is not Your will please don’t answer it just for my sake, but teach me how to know You better.” The last thing we want is our own desires met – it’s all about what He wants because that brings us closer to Him, and in His intimate love we see clearly that what He wants for us is better, higher, and more to be cherished than anything we could want for ourselves. We have reached Gal. 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives in me.” Our hearts belong entirely to Him. We are living in the higher Spiritual realms with our Magnificent Maker. This is why people die for Him. He has cleansed and deeply purged us, shaken all things and now only the unshakable remains. It is a mighty “victory over satan” simply because we are filled with joy and have the union with God that Jesus prayed for in Jn. 17. We become one with Him.

The Scroll shows that God lifts us up to this high level via purging and ridding us of soul/psychic energy – the place He brings us to is tranquil and quiet. In the Overview I described the difference between hectic soul power and the still and tranquil Spiritual realm as being like leaving Tokyo and moving to a farm. The swarming psychic energy of soul power seems exciting, but it’s in the still and tranquil place that we can talk to God face to face because that’s where we become one with Him, and walk in harmony with Jesus.

The Scroll says the cloak of humility is our protection against falling back into the “sticky” soul power below. It’s surprising how many people have described religious, legalistic, psychic/soul energy as “sticky”. This directly relates to Scroll 1, Key 1 which says to leave behind that realm and those who operate in it. In Rick Joyner’s book ‘The Final Quest’ which covers his visions of heaven, he also wrote of the “cloak of humility” saying it was what enabled him to use the Eph. 6 armour of God and that without it he fell into pride over the armour and so couldn’t use it as effectively. If he wanted to move the cloak to look at his armour, he found that without the cloak, the brightness of the armour blinded him. He uses different words but says the same thing as this Scroll does – that the cloak protects against falling back into ego-based soul power. Joyner wrote that being given the cloak of humility to wear was seen by the angels as the highest honour in heaven.

The oppressions the Scroll speaks of are demonic or soulish interferences. Darkness and sin both have a source and it can actually be easier to deal with the demonic because at the soul level (eg curses) the energy is a tangled web. When the prophecy says we fight satan directly, it means his armies, his kingdom. Although at this level the darkness is purer, so is the light in us and light repels the darkness. It has no foothold in us. They are polar opposites.

Now that we’re above the ‘sticky’ realms of buzzing chaotic soul energies and live in simplicity and intimacy, darkness and personal stumbling blocks will often evaporate before us like the parting of the red sea. But we’ll still encounter pockets of “the principalities and powers” of the 2nd heaven (Eph. 6:12) and we’ll begin to sense darkness at a city, national, global, or universal level. Where we encounter it we have the responsibility to neutralize it, whether through worship, kind deeds or spiritual warfare. When we walk closely with God it’s easy to discern pure or tainted energy, to avoid soul power and annul demonic power. That’s why the Scroll calls us “mighty warriors”. Now we’re where we should be in God and are no longer swimming against the Divine current, we find a place of “joy and great contentment”.

The prophecy mentions “pretending saints”. These are the charlatans who are closer to the false church than to God, and seek vainglory and power (see False Leaders). They may even gain a measure of power, but it will be mixed – impure. Many modern churches have been hijacked by men seeking spiritual authority (it was Lucifer’s downfall) and have forgotten that God’s goal for His children is our holiness and simple happiness – the fruits. The gifts only help us get there. Power-seekers haven’t died to self or gained the humility required to receive a fuller measure of God’s love, anointing, and victory. Like those with faith in the psychic realm (Scroll 2) they clash with truly spiritual people. Examples are Jesus and the Pharisees, David and Saul, God’s liberty and submission theology, true saints and the hierarchical church (eg the modern push for leadership teams). In Mt. 7:23, Jesus eternally rejects those who seek religion over relationship – see also, Knowing Him. The sin of spiritual pride needs to try to oppress the liberation in someone with a true spirit, because it is soulical and hierarchical and can’t understand either the humility or the liberty of the Spiritual realm. It cannot “put it in a box and categorise it” (Scroll 2) and as such, fears it and automatically tries to dominate it. Scroll 1 Key 6 teaches that such domination will block union with God. It’s why there’s such a lack of understanding of grace in the covering and submission theories, which are hierarchy and control based. This Scroll tells us we’ll be shown the hearts of people who are drawn to the anointing, and to “not waste time with people” who are more interested in the power than the love.

Our Massive Victory: This is a victory of unique purity over tribal mentality (Scroll 1), of discerning between pure unmixed spiritual and harsh tainted soulish faith (Scroll 2), of gaining spiritual focus by storing up the treasures of heavenly truth (Scroll 3), of finding and wallowing in His passionate but oh so tender Divine love (Scroll 4), and of being so purged by His refiner’s fire that we can be open channels for Him to flow through (Scroll 5). This is our victory and it is huge! We come to the “Throne of Grace” every daily to speak with Him face to face to be encouraged, fed, and instructed. This victory is liberty, joy, and peace.



The Place of Victory is a place of rest. It’s where we find ourselves after gaining the hopes of heaven, the unity of love, and the openness to the Holy Spirit through His shakings and our death to self. When we begin to live in love and humility, we find spiritual authority in our lives. But as Jesus said, we don’t rejoice over our authority but over our union with the God of love, grace, and glory.

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Friday 22 June 1984

“My children walk up the golden steps to My Throne of Grace. Kneel before Me or lie before Me in the form of a Cross. For today I wish to offer you the glories of heaven. Tap into the secrets of the universe – not the secrets of knowledge but of life and see that there is only one life source, that is Me and My Son. As you kneel before Me open up your minds to My glory, My life and My love and let Me swamp you in My glory. This bread I am about to give you is the bread of strength and succour. It is the broken Body of My Son. Hitherto you have eaten this bread and yet not understood its complete importance, the revelation of how it can transform your life. As you eat this bread you will be filled with strength, joy and wholeness and you’ll be able to say ‘we’ll do as Jesus did, and still greater things, in His name’. And as I give you the blood, I’ll also give you a revelation of how it will wash away every impurity in your system, every clinging bit of dirt from the world, the rags of unrighteousness. Imbibe of this wine and know that the shed blood of My Son is the most important sacrifice and its power is beyond your understanding. The miracle I will perform today and from here on in, with the sacraments, will be like a miracle every time you partake of it. With your new-found strength, new holiness and purity, look down upon this earth and see satan’s futile attempts to try to frustrate My children and know that you need never fear – in My name, his futile attempts need never upset you again. The long and powerful sword you hold in your hands today is far greater than any sword you’ve ever held before and satan is like a tiny fly at the end of it. Look to the right and left and see the hoards of angels waiting to be sent hither and thither on missions and know that there is a vast army in the sky which is on your side. Do not forget the succour, strength, cleanliness, purity and holiness I have given you today. Much of the communion sacraments are polluted, but I will show you what is pure and how to cleanse it, so that you may partake with the Body of Christ. You have been weakened by this polluted sacrifice. You must cleanse yourselves of them and drink purely from Me and from My source of power.”



This Scroll is the pivotal point in covenant union with God. The anointing of His presence was like brilliant gold – but very soft. The Throne of Grace is the seat of all gifts and blessings (grace is a gift). It’s where all our guidance comes from. “Kneel before Me or lie before Me in the form of a Cross” tells us, again, that when our lives are humble before Him and His Cross fills our beings we’ll come to know the “glories of heaven”. Glory means “to reflect” so it’s in this state that we reflect heaven. Jesus’ reflected glory was revealed on the Mt of Transfiguration and we are also “children of light”.

The trials we’ve gone through and the humility we’ve learned make us trustworthy stewards of God’s awesome presence and we can begin to receive the very nature of God. Further experiences (and the rest of these Scrolls) bring a depth of intimacy, an abundance of joy, and “the secrets of the universe” as we are guided down our unique paths. This is not only about being victorious with spiritual authority, or experiencing great anointings and miracles, but about becoming one with God as Jesus longed for and died for. Heaven infuses us and we enter the Kingdom. We’re in harmony with God because we’ve found our uniqueness, discerned pure faith, internalized heavenly hopes, and are walking in His love wearing the cloak of humility. (See also, Obedience vs Harmony.) Some will be attracted to our reflection of heaven as they were to Jesus, but some will be repelled by it like magnets with opposing poles (2 Cor. 2:16).

Again satan gets a mention along with the powerful sword of spiritual authority. This was a very lofty feeling of being way above the swirling demonic realms below. For the first time we were looking down on the principalities and powers from above, and easily able to take out the top of a demonic hierarchy in spiritual warfare. By “binding the strongman” (Mk. 3:27), all related powers also fell. This is the authority in His Blood. In fact, all darkness combined seemed like a mere irritation that could be brushed away – an insignificant fly at the end of a long sword.

Recently I was back in this lofty place and two things happened. As God pulled me deeply into Himself (see Personal Worship) I was lost in glory night after night – enjoying His beauty and blanketing Spirit. For several nights in a row a demon turned up. It was a hound of hell – like a big black dog the size of a pony and it got closer and closer until it put its ugly face about half an inch from mine. My union with God was so complete the demon could not distract me through fear, nor could I be bothered breaking my focus on God long enough to bind it. So I ignored it. Eventually it gave up. I’m surprised it could even stand the spirit of worship that surrounded me – it had obviously been sent to try to break that. It failed. Later, God was using me to compile the information He was pelting me with which is now part of the House of Deborah section of this website. Again, there was demonic interference because God was exposing the works of darkness. Suddenly I got “imps” in my house – like shadowy knee-high people. A friend who was involved in the same information (and runs a spiritual healing/deliverance centre) said his house also began hopping with demons. Whenever we got together, they got jumpy and began manifesting. The imps were sent to distract me, but again I ignored them rather than binding them, until they gave up. I expect I should have removed their power in Jesus’ Name – there are a limited number of demons (a third of the angels) so it’s worth removing them from the fray – but they were literally like a tiny fly to me, a mere irritation. Insignificant. It was because I was learning a higher focus – that we must never be distracted from God. Scripture says that when satan is defeated we’ll look at him and marvel ‘is this the runt that caused all the trouble?’

In my experience now, the refiner’s fire makes interference insignificant because we’re so deeply in God’s will, walking with Him so closely, that we have a certainty that whatever happens is from His hand, both trials and victories. The only significant thing is His will, hence we come to Him actively and daily. Without His closeness we can lose our gentle spiritual awareness in the hurly-burly of life and the swirling psychic/soulish mass of the thoughts and emotions of the city around us. Like owning a car in a dusty world it needs repeated cleaning – and so do we in a world charged with strife and fears. It’s why scripture warns us to beware of being around lower (grubby and dusty) spiritual groups (Mt. 16:6) and to guard our tongues, ears, and minds (1 Pt. 3:10, Jas. 3:10-11, Mk. 4:24, 2 Cor. 10:5). Having quietened our souls (Ps. 131) the sacraments energize our spirits directly. Our part is passive as God “washes away every impurity in our systems”.

There was a feeling in this prophecy of glories and warmth, great lightness and safety in knowing that God so outweighs all our stumbling blocks. In taking the sacraments we agree to covenant with Him and we partake in the Life Force of Jesus (see Vision below). He said “this is My Body, this is My Blood”. The important message of the sacraments is that we can, and must, live in covenant with God. When we do, we’ll naturally be surrounded by glory and golden warmth – we go from being a follower to a partner.

Some now teach that “communion” was the “table ministry of Jesus” ie, fellowship as He ate and shared with people. While this is also true, on that last night He still broke the bread and drank the wine in the specific Jewish Passover tradition, and told us to remember Him in that same way. It’s more than fellowship with the Body – it’s liberation out of Egypt/sin, and into God.

In a personal example, I blessed and took the sacraments each day for a year. My prayer was simply to thank Him, ask for His blessing on the sacraments to cleanse me, and ask Him to show me anything He wanted to. Then I ate, drank, and waited in stillness. Every day for about a year I was shown something, and as I took my own little sacraments I recorded each message. It was during one of these times that I heard the words that later related to Scroll 1 “purity is not piety” and I began to learn how important our unique essence is to God, and also how God sees our attempts at pious perfectionism as an arrogance that actually blocks our spirits from Him (Is. 64:6). On another occasion He told me “My majesty is revealed in My gentleness.” I didn’t realize the enormous significance of these words at the time but I later spoke on the subject and now I believe that those few words sum up the principles of Divine Life. Yes, there is majestic miracle power in our union with God, as Jesus revealed – but we only get it through preferring and valuing gentleness, mercy, goodness, etc as Jesus also revealed. “Rejoice not that the demons are subject to you but that your names are written in the Book of Life” – our focus must be on union with God.

After a year that season ended. The method had become mechanical and began to move into soulish realms. His presence and anointing in those regular communions simply lifted (Scroll 4) and I was led to something else. And yes – when that happened I did go through the confusion and anguish described in Scroll 4 and the Song of Solomon. But you get that. It’s part of learning trust.

The polluted sacraments: The warning of polluted sacraments at the end was about having the rite and its spiritual essence administered or received with tainted faith (see Scroll 2). If these are given or taken without due love and regard for them, for each other, and for Him and our covenant with Him, then as Paul explained in 1 Cor. 11:24-31, we eat and drink judgement into ourselves. So we need to ensure our own hearts are right (Mt. 5:24) and then pray that God will purify and cleanse the sacraments as we “drink purely” from His “source of power” which is the Cross – His Body, Blood, and Cross, are inseparable.

As we take the journey and walk with Him we find that such things as spiritual authority and miracles pale compared to His love and presence. And as we come to Him daily, our emphasis shifts from external manifestations to internal lightness and joy. However, with His presence come His wonders.

VISION: On 6 April 2007 (Easter Friday), I was given a vision of what happened when Jesus died on the Cross. At the point of His death I saw a white light – flat like the rings of Saturn – shoot out from the Cross at speed and race across the universe. It was a nuclear explosion – that horizontal white blast that covers the earth before the mushroom cloud rises in its midst. He told me that this power is waiting to be appropriated by His Bride.

In Mt. 17 Jesus revealed what was inside Him when He was transfigured. The Greek says He shone like lightening. Peter saw the glory and the old mind-pattern of Mosaic law kicked in and he wanted to build 3 tabernacles for the glory to reside in. But God’s New Covenant is about releasing the glory, not boxing it in. Jesus had His side pierced on the Cross so that the glory within Him would spill forth – like a nuclear explosion! The Body and the Blood is God’s New Covenant with us and when we upgrade our walk with Him to a true covenanted relationship then we’ll be entitled to have the Word and the Spirit break out through us. 2 Pt. 1:17-19 refers to Jesus’ transfiguration and says we must pay attention to His light in us until the Morning Star rises in hearts. “Christ in us, the hope of glory” – He has deposited light-seeds in us and “we have this treasure in earthen vessels”. By feeding our inner man through the treasures of heaven (Scroll 3 – Hope) and as Jesus’ parables said, we grow into the future He has for us. As prophets Kim Clement and Jonathan David have both said ‘the future is inside us’ as seed deposits from God who formed us.

The death of Jesus gave us God’s nuclear explosive power. Forgiveness and the New Covenant restore us to a pre-fall condition. That’s why the Scroll reminds us of Jesus’ words that we’ll do even greater things in His name (ie, in His character) than He did (Jn. 14:12). But we need to be very close to Him to be guided into finding, understanding, and appropriating, this explosive force. We need to have died to ourselves and to have “put on Christ” (Rom. 13:14) and be walking in His very nature. So while His power comes through us as it came through Jesus, our focus is only ever on His fruits and our union with Him. One of the main reasons the Church is not the nuclear blast that changes governments that she was around AD50, is because our eyes are not on growing His fruits in us, but on knowledge, gifts, ministerial hierarchies, etc. Compassion for each other, holiness for ourselves, and adoration for our King, is minimal because Christianity has been reduced to meetings and the Church is more of an organization than an adoring Bride. We must lie before Him in the “form of a Cross”. Our form – our essence – must be His Cross.

The body and the blood is about our explosive covenant relationship as a partner with the God of creation as we don the mantle of divinity.

When we “put on Christ” by internalizing His Cross the immortal and incorruptible Mantle becomes lined with the Cloak of Humility which allows us to wear it. (See also Scroll 4 – Love.)



We need to draw aside every day to God, create a space in our lives where we can do this (24 hours a day would be good), and ask that He infuse us, nourish us, and show us “the secrets of the universe”. A growing number of people are calling themselves “new monastics” and, while living in the world, they give God every moment of their lives, as if they lived in a monastery. They are in true covenant with Him and total devotion to God has always been the Church’s calling. The Body and Blood are symbols of His decree that we can, and should, die and rise with Him to claim the transfigured glory and be in direct union with the Heart of God. From the place of transfiguration He will open our eyes to see the explosive nuclear energy available to those who are His true covenant partners and to understand the “secrets of the universe” that we need to know so we can be effective as His Bride on earth.

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Tuesday 26 June 1984

“I am a God who wants you to enjoy life and enjoy Me. I want you to know fun and laughter in your life in every situation. The richest human relationship has much happiness and laughter in it and that is what I want to have with you. Do not get enmeshed with heavy silent suffering and squalid cycles of self-pity. But come to Me with dancing feet, with laughter on your lips and joy in your heart and see me as not only a God of judgement but also a God of laughter and fun. A God who knows you are enjoying life most when you laugh with Me. I will anoint you with a special gift of joy that will bubble up in you. People will be enchanted with the laughter in your heart and will be drawn to it and will find that your joy is Me. Many people in the world are weary of the wearying round of pleasures, which have lost their poignancy and joy. Many Christians get wound down with a judgmental spirit and they lose their joy and their liberty. So dance with Me in the morning, dance with Me in the evening My children. Dance all the time with Me. See the funny side in every situation and do not be ashamed of the wonderful joy I have given you. Tread delicately on people’s dreams, their thoughts, plans, desires and heartaches. Know that your joy and your laughter will lift their burdens and make it possible for them to continue with life and enter into the joy which is your experience. So laugh with Me My children and accept this joy today as your heritage and privilege and this bubbling joy will be with you till you come to be with Me forever.”



Enjoy Him! He wants His children to be infused by that incessant and nonsensical happiness that is part of Him. Don’t believe that suffering is part of union with God. It only leads there (dying to self is painful and confusing, but even then Peter tells us to rejoice in our trials because they lead to Him). Life with God is light – light-hearted, light-spirited, soft and delicate.

As I re-read this Scroll and felt its anointing, one thought sprang to mind which put it into beautiful context – the Monty Python song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. The spirit of this Scroll is the innocent joy of nonsense and absurdity, the childlike glee of pranks, living in fun, humour, joy, and laughter, to the extent that our feet itch to dance because our whole inner being is bouncing. This is the joy that comes when God is near. Experiencing the joy that bubbles up in us is to be very close indeed, to the heart of God. Ps. 45:7 says that Jesus was anointed with the oil of joy above His fellows. I’ve had Him descend on me at work and in the supermarket and I no longer care that I can’t control my big smile and shining eyes when He’s close, though others have no idea why I grin. “See the funny side in every situation” means not taking either ourselves or the world too seriously. Life balances out and the stronger God’s fiery lessons for us are, the closer we come to Him. What is likely to help cloud our union with God, is getting bogged down in mature, adult seriousness! In God is joy so light and bright He can be mischievous. (Yes, mischievous, just like us. It’s a delight, it’s good, all good things come from Him, and we’re made in His image.) Yet, as adults, we begin to feel that joy is something for toddlers or teenagers. An adult who exhibits pure joy on a regular basis is seen as slightly odd. It’s why the Scroll says “do not be ashamed of the wonderful joy”. Life becomes a very serious business – the pride of our maturity cements us in our place. Jesus says we must “become as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

This Scroll tells us that our worldly maturity and jadedness is a barrier to our union with God. Whether we are striving for a career or for spiritual perfection, it is the striving itself that interferes with our spirits. Striving builds soul power. It defeats the purpose and stops us from dancing in the laughter of heaven. Heb. 4:11 says the only thing we’re to strive for is to enter His rest. (See also, The Sabbath.) Even our life-lessons need to be taken lightly so that we don’t fall into the trap of swimming too deeply in our pains and hardening our souls. Heb. 12:11 says God’s refining fires seem not joyful but grievous but afterwards yield fruit, and in my experience the joy that comes is 1000-fold worth the pain. It’s why Paul begged to know His suffering in order to gain His resurrection (Phil. 3:10). Jesus “suffered the Cross for the joy set before Him” so – yes – His lessons will hurt but we know that great joy follows and will become eternal in heaven. “Do not get enmeshed with heavy silent suffering and squalid cycles of self-pity”. Self-suffering is futile as it involves the soul and not the spirit – if we’re close to God our souls will already be soft, our lessons fewer, and joy will outweigh any pain. Knowing this makes hard lessons feel much lighter, which is why 1 Pt. 1:6-8 says we can “rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory” even in our trials. If glory means “to reflect” (and it does) then Peter’s saying that even in God’s refining fire we can fully reflect the inexpressible joy of heaven. A joyous heart and dancing feet are the fruits of God. Thus, when we’re nailed to our own personal Cross, we can tap our toes, wear a silly expression, and sing “always look on the bright side of life”. The Scroll tells us that this is what will also heal the wounds and lift the spirits of others.

There is a small warning at the end of the Scroll. “Tread delicately on other people’s dreams … and heartaches”. God’s joy is not a selfish joy. It does not laugh at the pain of others or even of the self, but puts it in context. It is unkind to show overt joy around the sorrowful so joy will come hand in hand with other fruit such as compassion. But strong healing will flow from us daily when we impart the spirit of joy to those around us. When it becomes part of us we will impart it even without being overtly ‘joyous’. When we live in the Spirit of Joy it will keep our spirits lofty and stop us plummeting to soulish strivings. Joy is both health and protection because it is so much part of God’s nature and His eternal desire for us. “At thy right hand are pleasures evermore”. When we live in God’s joy we can begin to dance through life. It’s part of the mystery of becoming as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Scroll says that many people in the world are growing weary of material pleasures, and some spiritual folk are getting bogged down in divisions. God offers joy to our hearts and lightness for our spirits – not suffering and judgmental divisions. This is the huge difference between the 1st and 2nd parts of Scroll 2, Faith.

The joys of God are in the things of God. They are everywhere! When we live in His joy we can get deep deep pleasure from the simplest of things – the smile of a cat or the soaring of a bird, a magnificent tree or a tiny flower. I chuckle at sparrows fluffing their feathers in a dirt bath and giggle at the way seagulls look haughtily down their beaks at people as if to say “stupid humans, can’t even fly”. I get warm fuzzies seeing a hedgehog, and a thrill watching a dog bounce. I also feel my heart leap at wise words and tales of kindness.

I once had a woman referred to me for counseling. She mentioned that in the midst of her trials any breeze on her face would bring incredible and instant joy. This seemed incongruous to her and brought further confusion. As she was seeking spirituality I explained the principle in this Scroll. In her situation, her pains had come from stripping away façades (Scroll 1) and becoming vulnerable to her family. Her façades had become a heavy burden and she took the risk to drop the reins (Scroll 2) in the hope that somehow it’d bring family unity (Scroll 3). The result was Scroll 4. Other family members also dropped façades and she and they now have an environment of unconditional love. This woman was actively seeking God and although finding her uniqueness created painful issues that needed working through, the results of loving acceptance and the joy of the Spirit that bubbled out of nowhere from a breeze on her face, were already manifesting in her life.

When the last revival hits, one of the biggest shifts won’t be powerful miracles (though they’ll be abundant) it’ll be the joy that gushes from His people. The end-times prophecy that says the love of many will grow increasingly cold (Mt. 24:12) is happening before our eyes, and God’s people can bring the antidote of joy which warms hearts. Even hearts too hard to respond to love can still respond to, and be warmed and softened by, joy.

I once saw a TV documentary on Monks – in their floor cleaning duties they held one end of a long blanket, put a child on the other end, and charged across the floors. Huge fun all around! And the floors got cleaned too.

Finally, we were given a bible reference. We looked it up and, not surprisingly, it was all about Joy. I added the verse in full at the end of the prophecy above.



The Spirit of Joy brings health to our whole beings: “joy is strength to the bones” and “a merry heart does good like a medicine” (Pr. 17:22). Even medical science now acknowledges that laughter helps with physical healing. Joy is abundant in God and if we have Him we have Divine Joy! We should be careful to not shut off the tap by taking life too seriously or especially being weighed down by a legalistic gospel that invariably leads to “heavy silent suffering”. Joy is part of the essence of God and the world currently needs it like water. God’s people can bring it. God is a God of laughter and Jesus was “anointed with the oil of joy above His fellows”. Rejoicing in our trials shows that our eyes and hearts are fixed on heaven.

“Rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory!”

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Tuesday 3 July 1984

“My children you have become like delicate instruments of My Grace. All your movements are like poetry in their gracefulness. For I have anointed you. This delicate anointing isn’t harsh and doesn’t grate with people, but it’s like gossamer wings in their lives. Imagine yourselves on top of a hill and a gentle wind blowing, and blowing your garments. This is how My Spirit will move in your lives and anoint you for tasks. Do not act or prophesy till you feel this gentle wind blowing. For the gifts you have to impart are not those that are out to grab people and hold them in a vice or claim ownership of them, but they are to set them free. Freer than they’ve ever been before in their lives. You will discover I will have compassion on those whom I will have compassion, pity on whom I will have pity, mercy on those whom I will have mercy. It is not with human eyes that you view people or their complaints, upsets, trials, but it is as I lead. At a touch of your hand people will be healed but you’ll know when to touch them and whether to touch them and you will be firm with people and deal with them as I show you to. Never be emotionally blackmailed because My word, once spoken, is spoken and you have My full authority behind you in whatever you say. The healings you do in My name will become like a legend, but this will hardly affect you and you will barely notice it because of the humility you carry about like a banner. My blessings on your life are like softly falling blossoms, enriching you and satisfying your every need. Sometimes it is hard to see them when they fall so softly, but the evidence is there in a fulfilled life – a life full of tranquility and peace. I will answer your plea. I will give you the heart of Jesus tonight. And I will give you a tremendous love for Me that will grow and never diminish. My wisdom is enmeshed in your life like a rich tapestry pattern. My wisdom in the form of word-of-knowledge and discernment, and knowledge of My ways have become so much a part of your life that you barely notice you function in them, and so it will be for all My gifts and for all My fruits in you. But others will see My glory resting upon you and coming through you and they will rejoice with Me and honour Me and honour you. Life is a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers to pick. And this is the paradise I will bring you into where the flowers are so plentiful you will hardly know which to pick first.”

VISION: We stood on different hilltops with long white gauzy robes, a very romantic feeling, with a gentle wind blowing our robes and blowing gently on our faces. Great delicacy. As usual God gave all of us the same vision simultaneously.



Well! This is where the full delicacy really descended. As I’ve said, as the Scrolls progressed the anointings went from strong to delicate and this was a place of indescribable gentleness, as if our spirits were infused with something warm and softer than clouds. “All your movements are like poetry” refers to how we learned to move in Him as He guided us deeply into Himself. It only happened because He did it – He said “For I have anointed you.” Our part was merely to be open and follow. Apparently God’s version of ‘poetry in motion’ is for people to live in grace, love, hope, pure faith, uniqueness, and joy – and to honour God by reflecting these things outwards. They are great gifts. Eph. 2:10 says we’re His “workmanship” and the Greek word is “poiema” from which we get poem. He’s made us to be His poems and as we carry out the works of beauty that He prepared for us He sees our movements as poetry! Although these messages came over a 4-month period, it took God years to build them into us (and it will always be ongoing), it didn’t happen in the order of the Scrolls (although there was a basic flow-on effect), and it happened in different ways for each of us as He led.

As we near God’s heart we finally become free from the last remnants of the struggle described in Scroll 1, Key 4. This is the meaning of receiving “the heart of Jesus” which impels us to love, chase, and pant for Him. It’s that Shulamite desire for Him that keeps us in a pure union with Him. The heavenly tap’s on full, pouring out joy, peace, love, and miracles – as it was in Jesus’ earthly ministry – and we get to have as much of that as we can hold in our imperfect vessels (see Scroll 5: The Anointing Itself). God’s delicate touch wraps around our very atoms and brings a tranquil but sparkling paradise. But to know this touch we must leave behind the heavy energy of the soulish self or we’ll never be still enough to feel the lightness and softness of our God. There is none like Him.

The Scroll says that the gifts we impart are not “out to grab people and hold them in a vice”. They respect uniqueness and liberty, and are joyous not constricting and rules-based. They will be examples of peace and joy, kindness and empathy. With these things others feel free to become themselves “freer than they’ve ever been before” – which is God’s will. Once we’ve loosed our spirits from the lower levels of ego, opinion, and judgment and have learned to dwell in the compassion, joy, and truth of God, then the blessings and gifts of God will be able to flow more fully through us. St Francis said “Preach the gospel by all means possible – if necessary use words.” Being heaven on earth – living as “delicate instruments of His grace” – is the most powerful witness for His kingdom.

Repentance vs Restoration: Many in the Church still struggle over rules and think walking with God is all about ‘getting it right’. They think we must preach rules more than kindness and empathy (Jesus focused on the latter). While God’s commands are vital (and we still can’t achieve them and need grace) these messages are not about coming out of Egypt and ditching sin (repentance), but about entering the Promised Land – the heart of our Beloved – and gaining holiness and Jn. 17 union (restoration).

Those who focus on rules are still wandering in the wilderness,
dealing with the issues of Egypt and going around in circles!
This is the lowest level of a walk with God.


As the Israelites had divisions and murmurings and were taught new commands to overturn their Egyptian mindsets, so our current modern churches divide and dispute endlessly over those same commands. The Church is weak in the world because she has not left the wilderness that borders Egypt – she goes in circles and stays far from the Promised Land. Our Promised Land is our love affair with the Lord of Glory where we’re so close to Him that His power flows through us as when Jesus was on earth, but our only focus is not His power but His heart and pleasing Him. His promise is not our repentance, but our restoration! The word for salvation means wholeness In that place both kindnesses and miracles follow in our wake, but our eyes are only on our God. The focus on repentance has been in the Church since the frontier evangelists of the 1800s, eg Charles Finney and DL Moody. Their ministries brought great changes, saved millions, and saw revival meetings and miracles. They preached hellfire and brimstone repentance because they were dealing with the Wild West mentality – one of the most lawless periods in modern history. The Church still tries to follow that pattern but Jesus died to restore us, and repentance is only the first rung on a very long ladder! It makes converts but not disciples, and Jesus’ command was to make disciples. He Himself said to count the cost (Lk. 14:28), and He never made conversion easy (Lk. 18:22). His focus was/is on quality not just quantity. After all, He’ll still reject people who call Him Lord (Mt. 7:22,23). To the Church, repentance has become a thing of holiness so they ‘religiously’ encourage endless sorrow and breast-beating – the “squalid cycles of self pity” that Scroll 8 warns of. Repentance is merely turning from our path and saying “Jesus heal me”. That’s when restoration begins as God leads us to the wholeness of our salvation. After repentance we’re told to “work out your own salvation in fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12). Repentance is about leaving Egypt. Restoration is about entering the Promise. The wilderness lies in between as we are led towards our holiness and His glory. Scripture says the people knew God’s acts but Moses knew His ways (Ps. 103:7). This Scroll tells us that by now, through walking so closely with God in our journey and seeking only His heart, we’ve come to know His ways like Moses!

There’s a slight sternness is the middle about how we will be guided to help some but not others. It comes from Rom. 9:15-20. We’ll be shown who to help and who not to so that God’s blessings go where He wants them to go. This is not about a judgmental opinion of whether someone is worthy – it’s simply God being God. He reserves the right! The nature of power is that it attracts the sort of people who shouldn’t have it. Some people are not ready, some seek self-glory, and some who are struggling and to our eyes need spiritual help, are actually in God’s refining fire being purified and trained. If you’ve been there you know He keeps His foot on your head and there’s no way out and no wriggle room until His timing is complete! We can’t judge people or situations with our human eyes. Harry Secombe, the wonderful singer and Goons member, once said: “I judge a man by how he treats people who are of no use to him”.

“Never be emotionally blackmailed” is about following the guidance of God regardless of the desires, or resistance, of others (see Following). We are reminded that He backs us up and it’s our duty to take seriously what He says! “My word once spoken is spoken” (eg, let there be light)! His decree is absolute authority and must be held in higher esteem than those who would manipulate our emotions. The blackmail often comes as accusations of insubmission to man (Jesus had the same accusations). But our hearts are for God, and if we’re humble before Him He will make His guidance clear.

“Become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 18:3,4). We need the wonderment of a child at all the hugeness that is God in order to stop ourselves from stagnating into a comfortable ‘self ’ righteous box. Once we have God in a box we only ever see that part of God that is in there with us. Ninety percent of God will be unknown and – worse – unlooked for by us. This is not only tragic, but it’s why the blessings and gifts in this Scroll can’t flow to most believers at present. But if we are open to being guided without steering – taking His guidance very seriously – then Spirit can flow as Spirit needs. This is why Scrolls 1 and 2 are so important; we must find our pure uniqueness and spiritual faith in order to let God flow freely through us so we can live in the fullness of what He has for our personal paths and spiritual tasks.

In Scroll 9 we’re told that the dance of life and union with God is about simple things so delicate they’re like “gossamer wings”. These are a smile to a stranger, a helping hand to someone in need (after all, it blesses us more to give than receive), sharing people’s pain, and laughing over everything in between – including dentists. We’ve chosen a pure faith, been tested with the fires of love, and learned that this brings us close to His heart. We have come daily to His Throne and found Divine joy there (at His right hand are pleasures evermore). When we become His children of light (Eph. 5:8) we can receive the full flow of what God has for us. And we find that that flow is utterly delicate. This prophecy/decree came with an overwhelmingly soft presence – like gossamer wings. It speaks of miracles as if they were after-thoughts, and this is indeed how it will be. We get caught up in a world in which compassion and laughter are more highly esteemed than power and authority, where being powerful is taken with humility and a giggle, if it’s noticed at all. That’s why Jesus told the disciples to rejoice that their names were written in the Book of Life more than in having power over devils. Miracles are merely a means to finding or giving the joyful wholeness. This is the meaning of the Scroll’s wonderful words: “My wisdom is enmeshed in your life … My ways have become so much a part of your life that you barely notice you function in them” and “I will give you the heart of Jesus … a tremendous love for Me that will grow and never diminish.” This is the greatest blessing and gift of all. “God is Love” and to enter His heart like Jesus did is to fully become His child (Eph. 31:19). We are children of light – His ways have become ‘natural’ to us, and our driving force is love for Him.

About the Vision: In the vision, the fact that we were on different hilltops shows that each person has their own spiritual vista, their own hilltop from which to connect to God. A mountain is said to represent authority – a power-base. We’ll each have personal spiritual authority and a personal view and union with the Beloved, and that’s the point. But to maintain that, we need to be aware of the Divine guidance, the delicate breeze blowing gently on us, and blowing gently on our robes, showing that we are clothed in the things of divinity.



Blessings and spiritual gifts come like “softly falling blossoms” when we move in close to the heart of God. In this place we can become the hands of God on earth and impart that delicate spirit in gentleness – “it isn’t harsh and doesn’t grate with people”. When I received a sovereign healing it fixed something I’d had difficulty doing for 13 years, yet it took me two days to notice because I was so caught up in His love. Where He Himself is, so are His miracles – but His beautiful presence takes all the focus. The Bride has eyes only for the Bridegroom – the Beloved in the Song of Songs praises the maiden’s “dove’s eyes” and I’m told doves can only focus on one thing at a time. Our eyes must be fixed on Him if we’re to follow as true disciples. We’ll walk with Him as with one heartbeat and be led where to impart these gifts, so that they come to the right people at the right time. Although the “miracles will fall like petals” our focus is only on the contentment of our oneness with Him. It is a glorious, restful, and easy place to be.

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Friday 6 July 1984


“My children I have given you a great spirituality. But do not think that this is sufficient. For this is how I always want you to be – with your head on My heart. To be My love companions, My beloved children, filled with My love, in whom I can entrust many things. As you sit with Me, notice the gentle rain that falls from heaven. This is My revival power of the Latter Rain. This is a gentle rain that drips into people and onto people. And this is what melts their stubborn hearts. It is not what you can whip up on earth, or say or not say, but it is what I release here in the heavenlies. But it is you who will press the button for its release. If you keep within this close relationship with Me every day, My grace will be through you and on you and around you and you will pray for a release of this heavenly rain. There will be some areas where you will not be led to pray for a release of the Latter Rain. I have set you on a high place. You are like bright burning stars in the sky. I will entrust much glory into your hands. You will have much power to bless, much power to curse, much power to ordain, much power to redeem. Be gentle as doves but wise as serpents. If people press you for this blessing don’t release it if you do not feel it’s right. For you will discern men’s hearts and rebuke or encourage them according to what you see is their confession or their hope. So, My children, stay close to Me, by My heart and I will give you the authority to release the gentle Latter Rain upon My people and feed this stark and stricken earth.”

VISION 1: The Latter Rain began to fall and the raindrops were golden and tiny, like champagne bubbles, slowly and gently falling down in a golden bead curtain across the world. They were warm and as soft as snowflakes, falling onto and into people one drop at a time. Again, we all saw the same golden raindrops and felt the same softness.

VISION 2: We all saw a picture of an energy vortex being ‘whipped up’ by counterfeit soul power.



The anointing of His presence that came with this prophecy was exceedingly content and cosy. It is a picture of curling up on a heavenly cushion and watching the blessings fall softly around us – except that the cushion is His heart! We have two names for this Scroll. We never knew beforehand what each Scroll would bring, but God had made each of us aware right from the Scroll Introduction that the final message would be about the Latter Rain – the global revival (Jas. 5:7) – and so we’d always called it that. But when the prophecy came we were told to call it “Close to the Heart of God” and so our descriptive title became a sub-title (hence, there are no quote marks around that heading because God did not actually say it – but I left it there because He Himself put it in our bones).

In reality revival can only come through being close to the heart of God, though many Christians are chasing ‘techniques of power’ (which is occultic) and ignoring union with God Himself which is what Jesus died to restore (see Backlash). Often when people think of prophecies on the final revival they expect to hear about great outpourings of miraculous power. But from the viewpoint of the One Who threw the stars through the sky and spoke light into being, 1000 resurrections are just petty cash. The real miracle – the desire of His heart and the goal of His restoration plan – is our love. This prophecy says that when we are His beloved children He can “entrust many things” to us. The disciple John the Beloved is a good example – he rested his head on Jesus’ breast and was given the final Revelation of heaven, the church ages, and end times, right up to the New Jerusalem and the restoration of all things. I believe all John’s writings will become prominent as the Church develops into God’s Bride and learns to rest her head on His breast. When the Church was an infant, for centuries the Catholics focused on Peter, the emotional apostle. In her Protestant adolescence (complete with adolescent individuation and division) she focused on Paul, the intellectual apostle. In her emerging maturity I believe she will focus on John, the apostle of love. Teachers from the Kansas International House of Prayer and others have said the books of Ruth, Song of Songs, and Revelation will be raised up by God as end-times books. I’d add the rest of John’s writing to that list as well – for John had the Revelation of Love. The mature Bride will also go back through her history and take the best from her youth and adolescence, for we have much to learn from the Catholic saints and the desert fathers – men and women mighty in God but lost to our Protestant teachings through nothing more than the politics of the time. Likewise early Catholic politics banished Jewish knowledge which can substantially clarify and deepen our understanding of scripture. But as Shane Claiborne points out, these foundational treasures are already being revealed by God directly to those with ears to hear, as denominational barriers evaporate. God is a God of restoration.

About Vision 1: “Notice the gentle rain that falls from heaven” is about the Divine softly falling on people as He purifies the spirits of His own, and touches the hearts of the harvest. The warmth and softness of the delicate golden raindrops of the Latter Rain was like an ‘immersion’. Because this rain is subtle, people will realize the character of God, His tenderness and His heart for them, and they will flood to Him as He touches each one individually in the way they uniquely need Him.

As stated, when these messages began we were expecting the last Scrolls to be full of awesome and ominous power – things that screaming solar winds, galaxies spinning through space, black and white holes, the power of life and death, and All Knowledge, would indicate of our Creator. Instead we were surprised to find that each anointing got softer and more delicate. We found the eye of the tornado. Being given an ‘awareness’ that the final message would be about the Latter Rain revival, then prophetically given a title that was different, was God’s way of reinforcing the fact that spiritual revival comes from resting on His heart! Many people are still making the same mistake we did and looking for manifestations of explosive power. It does come but only through a true relationship, and with the focus on that relationship and blissful union with God, explosive miracle-power is taken lightly and treated as a mere side-issue. This is important because during these last days charlatans will come. Businesses will get on the band-wagon – we might even see Apostle Barbie and Prophet Ken. There are already a myriad of expensive phone-lines that offer psychic/soul power messages to tell teenagers if their boy/girlfriend is their true love. Churches also chase similar techniques via endless books on eg, 5-Steps-To-Answered-Prayer (not 5-Steps-To-Your-Fiery Trial, even though that’s God’s own plan for our purity)! The US has “Buddy Jesus” the toy Jesus with the bobbing head on a spring, who, like the nodding toy dog in the back window of a car, nods approval for its owner’s every move – their “buddy”. It’s almost blasphemous and teaches nothing of the enormous fiery love and danger of God – His “goodness and severity”. If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the nodding toy shows enormous stupidity and ignorance of who He really is!

People without union with God but with strong 2nd heaven soul power will promote themselves as leaders to be followed and use their miracle-abilities and charisma as proof. Cult leaders are also in this category. Do not believe them unless they have the nature of God and the humility that goes with that. If they have that nature they will not be promoting their own power or importance, but pointing towards the gentle love and union found within a unique personal relationship with Jesus. Only Jesus. He said “The Spirit will testify of Me.” If a leader’s testimony is of themselves or their leadership teams – they are false! The Book of Acts has several examples of people following soul power without knowing God intimately – Annanias and Sapphira who He killed (Acts 5), Simon Magus the occultist, and in Acts 19 the Jews who tried to cast out a demon in Jesus’ Name and were overcome by it because they didn’t have a personal union with Him. (See Knowing Him.)

This Scroll repeats the need to sit with God daily to keep our clear, vibrant, soft, glorious love with God so He can flow through us to others. Some want God for power, but only those who want God for love will see the power, and they won’t care about it except to further His love on earth. And the process of gaining that union brings some harsh lessons as our lives and attitudes, souls and spirits are tested as He kills our flesh and brings us into harmony with Himself.

“Much power to curse”: This needs explaining. When we live in oneness with Him, as Jesus prayed for in Jn. 17, we gain His nature – His mercy and justice. Jesus cursed the fig tree and Paul handed men teaching error over to satan for the destruction of their flesh so that their souls might be saved. Needless to say, the power to curse is not given lightly. It’s high-level spiritual work and comes to those being the hands of God on earth. When we have an ever-growing unity with God we can’t help but be extensions of Him. It’s our inheritance as His children! When we’re close to Him He flows through us naturally. This enormous responsibility comes with the lessons of humility, compassion, and lightness of heart. Only when we’re resting on and living in God’s deepest heart, breathing Him in like air, do we even begin to see and understand, let alone touch, His Latter Rain revival power. We can read about it, but only by full union with Him can we enter it – just as a child could see a complex maths formula but it would hold no meaning until they had done their lessons. It’s why Peter says to rejoice in our fiery trials – that refining fire purifies us to bring us to this place. As prophet Jill Austin said “God loves the smell of roasted sheep”. This is about spiritual growth and God’s lessons never stop at intellectual knowledge but go straight for the heart like a transforming arrow.

Scroll 10 shows that our full and personal union with God is a place of rest. God’s children will perform miracles but will take the ability lightly, preferring instead to focus on the happiness and wonderment of life that is within and around them. They will have the joy of a child and the honesty and truth to be able to perceive the delicacy of the higher realms of the Holy Spirit. They’ll be guided by promptings from the spiritual ocean that they now flow easily with, and will not bring their own judgment or opinions to bear on the hearts of others, but will sense via the anointing, what is most needed, where, and why. Once we’re walking this closely with God, we can easily recognise the same Spirit in others: those with kindness, heavenly hopes, and open uniqueness shine. Any form of arrogance will repel us.

About Vision 2: Scroll 10 again warns us to not rely on our own soul power – “it is not what you can say or whip up on earth … it is what I release here in the heavenlies”. This was when we saw the vision of the energy vortex being ‘whipped up’ by well-meaning people trying to force Divine impartation via ego-based understandings and emotional energy. This soul/psychic power was too little to be effective and too harsh to be able to enter people’s hearts. Soul power is heavy and will repel the humble and the holy alike.

We must maintain our hands-off stance of 3rd heaven faith (Scroll 2). Only those walking in God’s deep love will be able to impart the Latter Rain and bring the final revival. This is what’s meant by “it is you who will push the button for its release”. Those who are immersed in the Divine, reaching inwards for God and outwards to others, will bring that soft golden rain to earth.

Those wearing the mantle of divinity will be the release button.

David said: “I have quietened my soul like a weaned child” (Ps. 131:2). In other words, he had brought his soul into line with God. Like being weaned, it had stopped screaming for input, for proof to allay fears, for encouragement on his path. This is a picture of moving beyond our soul needs. He did it himself – it’s our responsibility. Like leaving Tokyo for a farm and finding in the stillness that we can hear and feel the God of love. Like walking through the door from a confined room out into an open field, we find God’s vast land has all the nourishment we need. Quietening the soul speaks of the spiritual gentleness it takes to be able to enter into the heart of God. For me, this was like a still clear pool. Gone was the colourful passion of soul energy – replaced by an anointing so clear and unimposing it felt like emptiness – except for His still clear presence! He had increased and I had decreased. In the end the only anointing at the heart of God was not one of overt power but of great gentleness and love of indescribable delicacy. His power will always be there but His desire is to lavish us with love (1 Jn. 3:1). This is why He said to me long ago during communion “My majesty is revealed in My gentleness”.

Wearing the Mantle of Divinity: Scroll 10 says that it is the people of covenant who focus on such things as love, joy, humility, and uniqueness who will receive the authority to release the revival power of the Latter Rain. In the Former Rain the Holy Spirit anointed the apostles at Pentecost and brought them out of hiding, which changed their lives and the rest of history. The Former Rain is described as being the ‘first-fruits’, only a tenth of the outpouring of God’s Spirit that will occur in the Latter Rain. If the Former shaped history, what will the Latter do? It will alter humanity, the earth, and the cosmos (all of creation groans awaiting the redemption of God’s children – Rom. 8:18-23). It will usher in the things described in Thessalonians and Revelation, and “the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth and the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14). If our faith is untainted by ego, we’ll learn that kindness is as important to the human spirit as air is to the human body and we’ll walk as Jesus did. The heavy power, previously experienced, will be replaced by an incredible gentleness, and miraculous authority will follow. Internally, we’ll be more interested in our Divine union than in the miracles. Our focus moves from external manifestations of spiritual power – as fascinating as they are – and settles on God’s tender heart that initiates it all. Once in this place, Scroll 10 urges us to actively remain here bathed in His love so we can share it on earth. The God who threw the stars through the sky, who spoke light into existence, who holds all creation in His hand from galaxies to quarks – passionately desires us and tenderly embraces us. For more on the Mantle of Divinity see Scroll 4 – Love, and Scroll 7 – The Body & the Blood.

Divine Life: On Friday 19 January 2007, we had a comet in our skies. It was a clear night and I received a phone call to say the comet could be clearly seen in case I wanted to have a look. At the time I was lying on the floor and Jesus was all over me. I could feel His tender touch, His breath on my face, His Spirit infusing mine – I was lost in worship. He was ‘kidnapping’ me (see Personal Worship). I arose to the phone then went outside to see the comet. It was amazing and I realized that the God Who guides comets, and me, on our paths, Who travels faster than light, Who holds all galaxies in His hand, Who burns hotter than the comet’s long tail, was the same God who was embracing me and breathing soft air onto my face (at one point enough to move my hair substantially). Who is this astonishing God?! What is He?! He is Love, Patience, Truth, Justice, Judge, Might, Maker. He is Goodness & Severity! He is explosive power greater than all the universe combined x infinity. He is our Lover – the Bridegroom. When He came to St Julian of Norwich He held out His hand. In it was a peanut. He asked her what it was. She said “I don’t know Lord, You know”. He said “It is everything created”! This is our God and Lover.

When we experience Divine Life rather than theorise over it we enter the Kingdom of Heaven – the rulership of Divine principles – and miracles begin to happen all around us, big and small. All this occurs through such easy things as being humble and true to ourselves, valuing heavenly treasures, having laughter in our hearts, and merging with Jesus in deep love and wonder. It’s why the Scroll Introduction said that the secrets of these Scrolls would be found in a “wooden trunk” – a place nobody would think of looking. It’s the place of simplicity within each of us – the heart of the child.

When we enter that place of oneness with our Beloved Bridegroom we can become useful. If we are guided daily by Him blessings and miracles will follow – the awakening of mankind will occur when we remember our divinity and regain unity with God and each other. Paul said in Eph. 3:19:

Knowing the love of Christ which passes our understanding will fill us with the fullness of God.

(See Knowing Him and Personal Worship.)

Miracles only help us get to that place of great harmony and rest – “Close to the Heart of God”.



As God divides soul from spirit (Heb. 4:12) and leads us out of soul power and into pure and gentle spirit we can then begin to merge deeply with His Spirit. We’ll find that love, joy, and all His delights far outweigh the churches’ current focus and sermons on techniques to walk in His power (they think His Kingdom lies in power, otherwise they’d be preaching love). As we merge more deeply with Jesus, our Bridegroom and Beloved, His miracles begin to fall around us but they’re only the side-effects of living in Jn. 17 union with our God. In this place, His Kingdom flows through us and we become the vessels who will open the veil and release His Latter Rain on earth. People in this place operate from a foundation of rest and relief from all striving (see The Sabbath). Resting on His heart is where John the Beloved lived. We can flow in harmony with God so closely that we can easily move along our own paths, as well as being led to impart His Spirit to help reawaken the hearts of others. At this depth of union we have the awesome responsibilities of the powers and glories of the Creator. We can curse the darkness and enhance the light, and we’ll be led as to where and how to restore His Divine essence to the planet through joy, love, and contented rest – oh yeah, and miracles.


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From Rick Joyner, recorded in “Megashift” by James Rutz, pg 141


This message cited from Megashift is a compilation of prophecies from some of Rick Joyner’s online articles:

“A revolution is coming to Christianity that will eclipse the Reformation in the sweeping changes that it brings to the Church. When it comes… the way that the world defines Christianity will be radically changed. What is coming will not be a change of doctrine, but a change in basic church life… When this new Church emerges, she will be so different from what is now perceived to be the Church, that the whole world will not even recognize that there was ever a connection between the two. Ultimately home-groups will become the foundation upon which the entire Church will be built. Home-group ministry teams will actually provide the bulk of the work in equipping the saints, including teaching and pastoring. The Church has been bound by forces that have greatly inhibited her from becoming all that she was created to be. Control spirits have dominated and crushed creativity. However, even under this extreme pressure, a transformation is taking place. … There is about to be a jail-break! [A] great people are about to emerge from the present forms of Church that have been built upon the ways of men, and they will risk everything to seek that which God is building. … [A] true union of the Church is not possible until the forces of spiritual slavery are defeated and all people are set free to follow the Lord in their own quest. … This is not the license to depart from sound doctrine, or to rebel against God’s established authorities. However, there is about to be a clear distinction between those who have received their authority from above, and those who have promoted themselves, or been promoted by institutions. The future leaders of the Church are now being given a vision of radical New Testament Christianity being restored … It is time to heed the call and allow the Lord to lead His people to the new wineskins that will be able to hold what is about to break out upon the earth. … The new dynamic of Church life will overshadow the Great Awakenings in their social impact, transforming cities and even whole nations.”


From the Beloved, to Marion Spencer, worshipper, intercessor, Heaven’s Roar author - 31/12/06

“For lo the days are coming when men shall fall away blindly. But my love shall increase for those who are able to snatch it. There will be revival in the streets as my Spirit shall be poured out on the poor and lowly and the great men shall fall by stress and disease as their hearts grow ever darker and they reject joy for pain and suffering. The streets shall overflow with blackness but the hearts of my redeemed will burst forth like suns in the darkness and shall heal many. Then shall the end come by my will and by my hand. The government shall stumble and the businessmen shall totter. The drains will break and the ground will be overturned – the mountains brought low and the valleys raised high. For I shall turn the wicked on their heads and raise up my holy ones to rule this land in glory. Behold, the time is even now at the door. My sons and daughters shall fly high with wings like eagles to establish my Spirit in this place. Amen. Thus says the Lord.”

[Later He showed me clearly that His comment on “snatching love” (which I’d thought was odd) was the same as “harpazo”, ie the rapture. It’s used in the verse “the violent take heaven by force” and means “forcefully seize”. He’s saying to shift focus from the Tree of Knowledge and the search for spiritual techniques which have brought in occultic spirits – and rather to forcefully chase and seize His love. This will bring revival. See also prophecies A Vision of the Harvest by Rick Joyner, and Turn Your Face Into the Wind by David Minor, below, which also give this message.]



From the Beloved, to Marion Spencer, worshipper, intercessor, Heaven’s Roar author - 18/6/08

“I will come to my house when my house is holy – dead to themselves – seeking only my face – rejected their programmes, their man-made sins of the flesh – then I will turn their faces towards me and they will be blinded by me and in their blindness they will see. Oh beloved there will be no other time like this on earth and I will dance in my people – they will shine with the glory of heaven surpassing the glory of angels and all things I have said will take place. There is death and danger for those who pretend to be mine. Only my light ones will dance with me on the razor’s edge. The truth of sin and the sin of truth [see note below] will no longer blind you but your eyes will be opened to joy and the sharpness of my Word that divides light and dark. There will be wailing in my Church and much brokenness as many will go thru the fires of repentance and their arrogance will be broken – there the first shall be last. It is hard to kick against the goads. My Bride will shine – she will fight – she will brook no counterfeit – she will defeat all who try to pass false light – for truth shall be surrounded in love and my image shall be painted on the face of every one of my own – and they will no longer need to be led for they shall be with me in my arms leaning out to bring my grace to the world and my judgement to the Church. My Bride – my beautiful Bride – how I long and yearn and burn for her – she will be my Holy Ark and none shall withstand her. Those who think they know me will be swallowed up in her fire. My glorious Bride – the fire of your eyes will cleanse everyone you look upon and you will bring my peace, my love, my hands, my wonder, my workings into the heart of this earth. And then I will follow and rule from the Throne of David and you will share with me for you have prepared my way. Oh Church crying in the wilderness – prepare my way into your hearts and let me burn you, cleanse you, purify you, live in you – and you in me. We are One! I love you. I long for you. I am Coming! Prepare!!”

[Note: These strange words mean that the Bride has overly focused on salvation and discipleship is ignored – see Repentance vs Restoration and also that the Church has fallen into a trap of focusing on truths that divide, which is forbidden in Tit. 3. This is also prophesied by Rick Joyner below in A Vision of the Harvest – Points of Emphasis, 1. See also Isaiah 30:22-26 and Melchizedek - Fit for the Kingdom, The Remnant for more on expelling idols from the Church and building on the true foundation.]



From the Beloved, to Marion Spencer, worshipper, intercessor, Heaven’s Roar author - 8/3/08

“I am about to shake the Church, shake the proud, shake the leaders, shake the men. Then you will have the chance to run from your stables. I need you to be ready.”

[This word included a vision of horses stamping at the racetrack gates ready to leap like lightening into the race. The horses were the Deborahs – God is readying His daughters to fly like the wind. See also House of Deborah - On Your Marks – Get Set.]



From the Mission Fellowship Church Nelson, 18 February 09
(host of the Annual National Prophetic Conference)

“The Church in the nation stands poised on the threshold deciding whether to remain in the old, which was good, or advance into unchartered waters. Yet I have planted you and called you as pioneers. I have set before you an open door that no-one can close, but will you enter in? Into the greatest opportunities ever available in New Zealand. This is a season of reaping that which you have faithfully sown into in previous years. Things you have laboured over in prayer – enter in! Hesitate no longer, enter in, push forward, set your face towards the goal and advance, now is the time.

“Is. 60:1 Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. “ “Poised: Oxford dictionary ref. to be balanced, held, suspended.

“Watch, the day is coming when with one breath I will blow away structures and works of man that have seemed insurmountable. That which seem permanent and unchangeable I will quickly remove. Is. 40:7,8.”



David James, The Mission Fellowship, Nelson, 19 September 2009

“It is an exciting time to be part of the Church in New Zealand. God is up to amazing things; His hand is over the nation in a way like never before. New Zealand is at a significant point in history where what He has ordained the Kiwi Church to be and do, in the identity, style and fervour of His design has come to birth.

“As I was preparing to speak last Sunday I felt the Lord say that New Zealand is at tipping point. It was a very unexpected word but I knew that it was a word for now. He showed me that in the spiritual realm over New Zealand forces were being stacked in favour of His Kingdom through which significant change for our nation will come.

“New Zealand, we are at the tipping point of the release of Kingdom authority, purpose, and strategy; an unprecedented move of God to see our nation become a worthy inheritance for Jesus the King of Kings (Rev 21:26, Ps 2:8).

“A tipping point is the level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable, it is not dependent on numbers of believers or majority, but on Kingdom minded saints who hear the voice of God and can exert their influence in both the spiritual and natural realms.

“In Philippians 3:12 Paul says, “… I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me” (NIV). We must also add our weight to the tipping point by taking hold of that which Christ Jesus took hold of us for. He challenged me to identify what the ‘that’ is, make it specific, and actively take hold of it to see it accomplished as a victory for His Kingdom! As the saints of God intentionally take hold of what they have been taken hold of for His outbreak is unstoppable!!

“I encourage you that now is the time to press on!!”

[Emphasis, mine. Note: God also recently told me to do this very thing. Going through words I’ve received directly from Him over 3 years is my next task after writing this website. He told me I must begin 2010 by internalizing all the things He’s told me I was made for from before the foundation of the earth, and walk in them. He also told me 2010 is a year to break away from the old and within 2 hours Malaysian prophet Jonathan David had said the same thing at a seminar. Therefore this is also a message for everyone, as it also came from David James above – to follow Phil. 3:12 and chase, find, grasp, and internalize that which God took hold of us for.]



From Barry Smith – Kiwi evangelist and end times prophetic teacher

In the late 1970s or early 80s, Barry Smith held a mission in Papua New Guinea using an interpreter, and some of the natives were saved. They were also sovereignly baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. These naked natives had no clue of the English language, but the tongue they spoke in was Oxford English. They said "There is a sound of marching feet, Prepare yourselves, Christ is about to return."

From Lucy Cowie – intercessor

Announcing the return of Jesus – In 2009 Lucy had a vision in which she was standing in the main road and a Town Cryer wearing the red and white uniform and hat and ringing his bells was crying out “Ring the bells – Jesus is coming!” Following behind the Cryer was a carriage drawn by white horses and carrying Jesus.

From children in Tonga

On 27 Nov 2008 Radio Rhema reported that a revival was sweeping Tonga and people were phoning the Christian radio station in tears wanting to find God, to the extent that no music or other broadcasts could be played. Those seeking God blocked the airwaves. They came so constantly that in order to get some rest the announcer had to show the janitor how to use the radio desk control panels and leave him in charge for while. Over this time children from around the island began reporting dreams – the children were all being given the same message – “Christ is about to return”.

From the Beloved, to Marion Spencer, worshipper, intercessor, Heaven’s Roar author

On 10 March 2009 I dreamt of being shown through a church which had tools of announcement on display as in a museum. They were used for announcing the coming of peace. Then I was shown a documentary in which people in Cajun (voodoo) country were standing in a river and being set free from powerful occultic snakes. The urgency to get the occultic control spirits out of the Church was huge. It was in a very dark place, and time was of the essence. Around the bend in the river Jesus was returning. The dream showed that in God’s timing the very next bend in God’s river will bring the return of Christ. It’s not happening now (right now we’re in spiritual ‘clean-up’ mode) – but it’s also not happening next week. It’s happening tomorrow! It’s the next thing on the agenda after the Church rids herself of occultism – a purification God is currently driving globally.



From Rick Joyner, recorded in ‘He Will Tell You Things To Come’
by Derek Prince Ministries, Christchurch New Zealand

[Note: The full prophecy is 9 pages long and so I have only included extracts. Contact me (via the Contact link on the home page) for the full prophecy, or try Derek Prince Ministries for the full booklet.]

This [coming] outpouring will ultimately result in some very radical changes for both the Church and the world. These need to be understood by those who would be used by God for one of the greatest events in history. To those who are diligent seekers of God and obedient to his will, this vision does not represent disruption. These things will happen to them as the natural flow of the Spirit moving them to increased light and intimacy with Him. Those who are comfortable and resist change will have a very hard time. …

Fitting Together: For the coming harvest the Lord is preparing a great spiritual ‘fishnet’, one able to hold the catch of fish that is coming. This net is formed by the linking together of His people … around the world. In Eph. 4:15-16 we see this principle “We are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the Head even Christ from whom the whole body being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies.” A joint is not a part, but it is where two or more parts come together. There is a great fitting together going on in the Spirit now and it will increase in the near future on all levels.

Walls to Come Down: [The Lord is compelling church leaders and congregations to get together with others outside their own sphere of emphasis.] His presence will stimulate a worship that brings about Ps. 133 unity. As we anoint the Head with our worship, the oil will flow down to the edge of His robes, covering the entire Body. He is beginning this breakdown of barriers with the leadership because that is where most barriers originate and where they are the strongest. … If the leaders resist this move, the Lord will continue it through the congregations. … Some pastors and leaders who continue to resist this tide of unity will be removed from their place. Some will be so hardened they will become opposers and resist God to the end. Most will be changed and repent of their resistance.
[Note: This move is the cause of the global phenomenon of millions of church leavers who are taking God outside the 4 walls to avoid resistant leaders – see The Changing Church]

Because of the magnitude of the ‘catch’ this net will be rent many times and will be in need of constant mending. Much of the discord now taking place in the Church is being used by the Lord to prepare those whose task in the harvest will be almost exclusively that of mending and binding this great net. These peacemakers will have a major impact on the effectiveness of the entire revival. Those who seem to always find themselves in the midst of conflicts should be encouraged with the knowledge that they are being prepared for a great work. Some that were used greatly of God in the past have become too rigid in doctrinal emphasis or are too entangled with spiritual ‘Ishmaels’ to participate in this revival. Some of these will try to join the work but their interrelationships will be so superficial that they will quickly be torn from the net with the first catch. Those who are linked together by doctrine or who gather around personalities will quickly be torn away. Only those who are joined by and through Jesus alone will stand the pressure this harvest will bring upon the Church (Col. 1:17).

Enormous Stress: The redemption of so many will bring much joy but the newly redeemed will come with problems which bring enormous stress to congregations and ministers. The cords of unity must be very strong to stand this pressure. Those who have not learned to take the Lord’s yoke and resist trying to carry the burdens themselves, will be overwhelmed. Entering the Sabbath rest of the Lord will become a major emphasis in preparation for the harvest. Heed this word!
[Note: When Jesus called forth Lazarus, He told the others to remove Lazarus’ grave-cloths. The Church must be ready to deal with the grave-cloths that still cling to those newly brought into life, and to remove them with dignity and loving-kindness, and shun the current practices of many who point the finger at the grave-cloth twigs in the eyes of others, without seeing the logs in their own eyes. See also The Changing Church > The Sabbath.]

A large number who are now considered Christians – even Spirit-filled Christians have never been led to the Lord. They were led to the Church, a personality, or to a doctrine or emphasis. Some of these will think they are important links in the net but will actually become part of the harvest starting again on the proper foundation – Jesus. This group includes many well-known ministers and pastors. Their humility in this will lead multitudes to question and strengthen their own relationship to the Lord. This will strengthen and encourage the entire Body of Christ.

Many denominations, extra-local fellowships and circles of emphasis will begin disbanding and severing those ties – even those that were ordained by God for a season – in order to take their place in this great net that the Lord is now forming. For some these ties will just be ignored or forgotten until they have passed away, almost without notice, because of the great intensity and substance of the new move. For others it will be a very painful rending as they are persecuted and rejected but those who do not understand. Those who are required to leave much behind will soon receive many times what they have left.

Marvel of the World: Some leaders will actually disband their organizations as they realize they are no longer relevant to what God is doing. Others will just leave them behind to disband by themselves. Ultimately all circles of ministry or influence with individual identities will dissolve into a single identity of simply being Christians. Single presbyteries will form over cities … Their unity and harmony in purpose as well as that of various congregations will become a marvel to the world. The Lord will give these presbyteries great wisdom and discernment but there will be no doubt that Jesus alone will be the Head of His Church. What is coming will be bigger than any council could administrate. … The dismantling of organizations and disbanding of some works will be a positive and exhilarating experience for the Lord’s faithful servants. … [A] great company … will be raised up in the spirit of Phineas. Just as the son of Eleazar could not tolerate iniquity in the camp of the Lord this ministry of Phineas will save congregations and at times even whole nations from the plagues that will be sweeping the earth. They will be moved by the jealousy of the Lord for the purity of His people.

Nuclear Exchanges: [Joyner says that the harvest will swell churches to bursting and some will believe this means they are the primary purpose of the revival. But concurrent with the harvest, a gripping tribulation will arise in the world which is God’s judgement on all works He did not commission. The mass of humanity they sought to rule will rise to destroy them. Wars will increase and some nuclear exchanges will occur between third world nations. His vision showed that more would die from disasters and plagues than from war. Civilization will shake and erode and the most stable governments will melt like wax. Huge mobs will attack everything in their path. They will target the great denominational churches and visible ministries which will vanish quickly. Cults and witchcraft will grow but they will also be attacked by the mobs who will perpetrate mass lynchings which powerless authorities will ignore. Fear and deep darkness will cover the earth but this makes the light in the saints shine brighter.]

Extraordinary Miracles: [Joyner says that many elders will be stationary but groups they oversee will be constantly changing. Near the end of his vision he saw the Body of Christ] like a great flowing river sweeping about as freely as the wind. … Great meetings that stir entire cities will happen spontaneously. Extraordinary miracles will be common while those considered great today will be performed almost without notice by young believers. Angelic appearances will be common to the saints and a visible glory of the Lord will appear upon some for extended periods of time as power flows through them.

A Different Authority: …Those in leadership will be the most humble of all. When anyone presumes leadership without calling it will be apparent to all. The leaders of this move will be true servants, not interested in reputation or position. Their humility will open them to become channels for wave after wave of living water. “He will dwell with the humble of the land.” … These men and women of God will take little notice of their own accomplishments because of their burning love for the One who works through them and the recognition of His accomplishments. Like Jesus, they will flee to the mountains when men try to make them kings or exalt them in any way, their exaltation or authority will not come through man but only from above. As the masses will be seeking anyone to take authority during these times, this comes as a warning … The authority that the Lord will establish is very different from what even His own people now perceive. Do not try to rule, just serve. Through this, His authority will flow and begin to bring order through peace.

Points of Emphasis: [Joyner says exhortations of great authority originating from the very throne of God will come to prepare His Church for what’s coming. These will include the following.]

1. Build on the only foundation that can be laid – Jesus Himself. Works that are built upon truths instead of The Truth will not stand in this day. … The works that are properly built on Jesus will withstand the greatest trials [and] there will be an increasing emphasis on the Lord Jesus Himself [which] will overshadow the many emphases of the past like the sun does the moon when it rises. The truths that have been such a distraction will seem insignificant as the Church begins to see Him “in whom are hidden ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3).

2. Remove the barriers and facades that separate us from the Lord and each other. We must become more intimate with Him and through Him, with each other. Spiritual pride and the exaltation of men, individual truths or works, will come under unrelenting discipline from the Lord and will soon be understood as a ‘strange fire’. Those who continue to offer it will perish from the ministry with such demonstration that a pure and holy fear of the Lord will sweep the Body of Christ. This will help the Church to move into true spiritual worship and a unity that is based on that worship. [See also Emerging Worship.]

3. Abide in the Sabbath rest of the Lord. This will become … a reality as the Lord enters His Temple, the Church. Our growing intimacy with Him will bring a peace that will actually calm the storm of the rising sea of humanity. The intensity of the times will overwhelm any pseudo peace. We must be at one with the “Lord of the Sabbath”.

4. Heed the spiritual preparation which may be reflected in the natural. Some have begun moving their assets into precious metals or land. This may be helpful but it is far more important to take the spiritual land and to lay up our treasures in heaven. The Lord is seeking givers who will become channels of His supply. For them there will not be any lack. Those who hoard or do not learn to freely give may suffer increasing crisis in their earthly affairs. This is the Lord’s discipline to set them free. Some who are faithful and generous givers may also [experience] increasing crisis in this, but it is for their preparation to be great channels for the provision of many. Remember Joseph! … {See also Scroll 3 – Hope, regarding laying our treasures in heaven.]

5. “The just shall live by faith” not fear. [Joyner says fears will increase in the world and actions done in fear by the Church will mostly be destructive. Previous “faith” teaching was extreme and turned people off. But a revelation of true faith is coming which will be essential for us to serve.] Some will be called to walk where angels fear to tread. Know that He who is in us is much greater than he who is in the world. The vessels He is now preparing will walk in a boldness and confidence that will astonish a world gripped in fear. Our faith will grow as the presence of the Lord increases. True faith is the recognition of the One in whom we believe. When one truly and properly fears the Lord, he will not fear anything else. [See also Scroll 2 – Faith.] In the coming days many will exist in the miraculous on a continual basis. It will become as natural to them as the gathering of manna was to Israel. Some of the Lord’s exploits on behalf of His people will be unprecedented, exceeding the greatest biblical miracles. These will seem almost normal as they take place because the presence of the Lord will cause more wonderment than His works. He will be very close to His people in these days. [See also Scroll 5 – Anointing]. I have said throughout this website that where God is, so are His attributes and the only way to walk in His strength is to focus on deep worship, not power. The significant miracles I’ve walked in did indeed go almost unnoticed because His presence stole my heart and my focus – His closeness trumped His works as the sun trumps the moon.]

6. The Lord will soon open our understanding of His Word and purpose to a depth beyond our present comprehension. [Joyner says the “books” are yet to be “opened” as they will be, and when they are our understanding of even basic truths such as salvation will be enormously increased. This will bring greater substance and depth to the Body of Christ and gifts and ministries will come with increasing authority and power as people grow in new revelation of scripture.] The spiritual dimension will become more real to the Church than the natural. When the proper Foundation has been laid (our union and devotion to Jesus Himself) the Spirit of revelation will be poured out as never before. Do not resist the Lord in this work. Seek greater intimacy with the Lord and open yourself to your fellow members in the Body of Christ. Reach out to them and remove the barriers. … As He is lifted up we will gradually begin to wonder how many things that were so important to us, and often divided us, could have had so much of our attention. As this final battle begins we are all going to be amazed and sometimes ashamed at those we find on our side. Humble yourself under His mighty hand so that you may take part in a great exaltation. Those who allow themselves to be emptied, who lay aside all personal ambition to become of no reputation, who patiently suffer rejection and misunderstanding will soon stir the entire world with the King’s message.
[Note: In 2007 prophet/pastor Jonathan David said that a new revelation of scripture is coming and the coming Bride will be led by rhema. God also revealed this to me directly in 2006. Now I find Rick Joyner saying the same.]



From David Minor, recorded in ‘He Will Tell You Things To Come’
by Derek Prince Ministries, Christchurch New Zealand

The First Wind: The Spirit of God would say to you that the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing through the land. The Church, however, is incapable of fully recognizing this wind. Just as your nation has given names to its hurricanes, so I have put My Name on this wind. The wind shall be named Holiness Unto the Lord.

Because of a lack of understanding, some of My people will try to find shelter from the wind but in so doing they shall miss My work. For this wind has been sent to blow through every institution that has been raised in My Name. In those institutions that have substituted their name for Mine, they shall fall by the impact of My wind. Those institutions shall fall like cardboard shacks in a gale. Ministries that have not walked in uprightness before Me shall be broken and fall.

This is My Wind. For this reason man will be tempted to brand this as a work of satan, but do not be misled. This is My wind. I cannot tolerate My Church in its present form, not will I tolerate it. Ministries and organizations will shake and fall in the face of this wind, and even though some will seek to hide from the wind, they shall not escape. It shall blow against your lives and all around you will appear crumbling, and so it shall.

But never forget this is My wind, saith the Lord. With tornado force it will come and appear to leave devastation, but the word of the Lord comes and says “Turn your face into the wind and let it blow.” For only that which is not of Me shall be devastated. You must see this as necessary.

A Second Wind: Be not dismayed. For after this My wind shall blow again. Have you not read how My breath blew on the valley of dry bones? So it shall breathe on you. This wind will come in equal force as the first wind. This wind too will have a name. It shall be called The Kingdom of God.

It shall bring My government and order. Along with that it shall bring My power. The supernatural shall come in that wind. The world will laugh at you because of the devastation of that first wind, but they will laugh no more. For this wind will come with force and power that will produce the miraculous among My people and the fear of God shall fall on the nation.

My people will be willing in the day of My power, saith the Lord. In My first wind that is upon you now, I will blow out pride, lust, greed, competition, and jealousy and you will feel devastated, but haven’t you read “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”? So out of your poverty of spirit I will establish my Kingdom. Have you not read “The Kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit”? So by My Spirit My Kingdom will be established and made manifest.

Know this also, there will be those who shall seek to hide from the present wind and they will try to flow with the second wind. But again, they will be blown away by it. Only those who have turned their faces into the present wind shall be allowed to be propelled by the second wind.

You have longed for revival and a return of the miraculous and the supernatural. You and your generation shall see it, but it shall only come by My process, saith the Lord.

The Church of this nation cannot contain My power in its present form. But as it turns to the Wind of Holiness of God it shall be purged and changed to contain my glory. This is judgement that has begun to the house of God, but it is not the end. When the second wind has come and brought in My harvest, then shall the end come.

[Note: See The Changing Church especially sections ‘The True Church’, and ‘False Leaders’ which detail what God has shown me about the things this prophecy also speaks of.]



from Cindy Jacobs, a well-known prophet from the USA


July 1998, Colorado Springs, USA:

"It is by my choice, the sun rises first in New Zealand for I have made you a vanguard nation.

"There is going to be the fire of the Holy Spirit, that hits New Zealand.

"I am going to raise up an Army that will touch the nations of the earth", says God. The Lord says, "There is going to be a mighty revival that sweeps New Zealand. People will come from all over the earth just to see what God is doing.

“I am going to bring a linking and I am going to bring a mission sending anointing. Out of New Zealand will come a church planting movement, and, you are going to plant churches all across the 10/40 window for I have an anointing of missions upon New Zealand.

“I am going to send you forth into the harvest field. You are going to be forerunners of reconciliation. I am going to use you in reconciliation with gender", says the Lord. "There is going to be a great anointing upon you to be Peace Makers for I have put an anointing upon the people of New Zealand.

"The enemy would try to come and disrupt relationships in New Zealand and I see that satan would try to cause some fighting between groups.

"But", the Lord says, "I am going to give you a second chance – in that which I tried to do many years ago, but satan got in the midst of it. I am going to move again", said the Lord. "That which I tried to do in the 70's, and that which I tried to do in the late 60's, but there was an abortion of what I was trying to do". God says, "I am going to sweep it again, and, I am going to cause a revival that is going to hit in the high places, literally it is going to hit the mountain people." And the Lord says, "It is going to be a powerful anointing.

"And, I am going to sweep these islands and then, there is going to be a linking with the Fijian Islands. There is going to be a linking across the pacific rim. And it is going to be like fire, hitting stepping stones, that is going to go all the way up to Asia. There is going to be a particular linking that comes from Asia.

"New Zealand is a sword in My hand, and I have called you to be a cutting edge people."




2000, Wellington, NZ

As I was sitting during the worship, the Holy Spirit showed me a vision of the anointing of God radiating from New Zealand. The intensity of the anointing of God was getting stronger and stronger to the point that there will be a day when people will come from all over the world to receive of God's glory.

I saw people planting their feet on the ground and falling under the power of God at the airport. I saw wicked people touching their feet on the ground of New Zealand and falling on their faces and saying, "What do I need to do to be saved?" The convicting power, the fire of God, will come from New Zealand.

When God's power comes, He comes with conviction. He comes with the refiner's fire. Righteousness must rule over injustice. You are going to see God rise up in this land. There's going to be such an anointing of justice and mercy, and people will come here from the nations of the earth to find out about mercy.



And God is going to bring that fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. It's going to rise up in your midst, and so God says shake off the apathy, but realize the reason you have been complacent in some ways, and apathetic, is because you didn't believe in yourself.

Another thing I’m hearing the Holy Spirit saying is that there's a new commitment to the Land; that like John Knox you will say, "Give me New Zealand or I die." And you’re going to hear this in the generation of young people, and you’re going to hear it rise up in the youth.



I prophesy that in the next few years there's going to be such a healing coming to the people of New Zealand that you're going to rise up. And it's happening already in the music, it's happening in the messages, and there is an indigenous sound that's going to come. The new wave sound is going to rise up from this nation for revival.

I prophesy this new wave will be the glory; it will be the fire, the glory fire. It's coming up in a great wave you cannot imagine, so there is a wave gathering here, and you will ride the crest of the wave just like a surfer, riding in the anointing. It's coming that way, but the word of the Lord for this has been, “Shake off that apathy.”

God is saying to New Zealand, "How big is your God? How big is your God?" God is able to bring a revival to this nation that will shake the nations of the earth, and so you have to believe it, and you have to rise up and take it.

All these words that have been spoken could fall to the ground. The Lord is saying to New Zealand, “Take your gifts out of the ground where you buried them. I am not a mean taskmaster. I am a loving Father, and there is a multiplication that will come if you will take those gifts out of the ground.”



God wants to pour out His Spirit of revelation. There is a message here to be sent to the nations. Just ask God to give it to you. You may not have it at this moment; but that's what it takes to be a David nation. Did you hear the Holy Spirit say that?

You're a David nation. You're a nation with kingly authority for the nations of the earth. You have been in a stage where you have been just like a young boy tending the sheep, but you've been killing bears and you have been killing lions, and the Lord saw that which you have learned in your individual churches. Now rise up for the nation, and the Saul spirit will be taken down, and those who would be Sauls will come down, and I prophesy that those who will not go with the flow of the Holy Spirit, who try to keep their own kingdom and try to keep what they have built, will be like Saul and truly they will fall.



There's going to be a fierce love for the Land, a fierce love; and I feel we are just like John the Baptists preparing the way of the Lord. There will be a day our sons and daughters will rise up and they will prophesy, and prophets will go from New Zealand to the nations of the earth. There is a new prophetic unction coming to New Zealand. God is going to raise up prophets in the land. They're fifteen years old, sixteen years old, and seventeen years old. They’re going to rise up with the word of the Lord. I think of John Dawson, how even as a young man he was always the youngest in his peer group, and God has used him to bring healing to the nations, and the Lord says you're going to see double that; you re going to come forth and the racist spirit is going to be killed in this land.

And right now I can see prophetically a marriage of a religious spirit and a political spirit that have combined together to stop the move of God. That means that you will only get a certain distance in your planning, and all these leaders will say We're with you, we're with you, but in the end they will bail out because they are permission holding, rather than permission granting. If they can't control, it won't happen. God is going to deal with the spirit of control.



I believe that New Zealand has a gift of prophetic teaching and for some reason, perhaps because of Satan trying to push you down, you didn't realize that you were small but mighty. Dynamite comes in little sticks, but dynamite blows up mountains. God is bringing a great healing to this nation and to who you are so you can rise up. I feel like the Holy Spirit is saying in all these things don't take on Saul's armor.



If you will put together a prophetic prayer network, there will come a day when there will be one sound in New Zealand. There needs to be one sound, a trumpeting sound, says the Lord, and God wants there to be a time when it’s not this network or that network, when the people will rise up and say, “And what did the Holy Spirit say?” And as the 24-hour prayer watch goes, God is going to start talking.

You need to harvest it. You need to harvest the intercessors. You need to harvest the prophetic. The water level of the prophetic will rise and rise and rise and rise. You'd better harvest it in the youth groups too, because the youth groups are going to speak. You'd better harvest from the children. God is going to give the Sunday School children dreams and visions.

A Word about New Zealand:
[For those internationals who may be reading this and don’t know about NZ here’s some insight that backs up Cindy’s words. Prophets say we’re a pioneering warrior David Nation – see the “haka”, the Maori war dance performed by the All Blacks before a Rugby game. Our spiritual stamp is fire (for good in God, or not so good without Him). We live at the bottom of the world, have a mind to wear bare feet and do things our own way, and we won’t be told otherwise – especially by the powerful. We have a heart for egalitarian justice and a mind for inventing stuff on a napkin over a beer – just because we can. We are children at play. We don’t like glamour or superiority and so have trouble reaching for the stars. But reach we have – we split the atom – we were the first to give women the vote in 1893 (God’s finger is on Kiwi women to help His Deborahs reclaim their rightful place in Him.). From Lord of the Rings to Avatar we’ve invented the highest tech movie magic.– they say we can make a space rocket from fencing wire. Yet we feel inferior because we are small – a David Nation. We are farmers – 4 million people and 60 million sheep in a stunningly beautiful land. We love adventure and risk, our tourism is built on it! With hearts of fire and risk we’ve sent more missionaries to foreign soil than anyone else. We are a sword – we stab at power-brokers and protect the weak. We always have. This tiny David tells the Goliath USA that her ships can’t enter our waters because we’re nuclear free. When we send armies, we send them as peace-keepers. Our National Anthem is a prayer for God’s peace, justice, and glory. Our biblical teaching – intense exegesis – has been the envy of some, but it’s time to leave the Tree of Knowledge and enter the depths of worship to be led into what God has for us – as prophesied by so many.]

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