Heaven's Roar - Picture of Male Lion
Heaven's Roar - Picture of female lion

Definitions of Radical

Dictionary - Basic, Innate, Fundamental
Colloquial - Revolutionary, On the Edge
Personal - Raw revolutionary life with
The Lion of Judah - Jesus Christ

Heaven's Roar. Road of a radical.

New Stuff

Christian Mystics: The Wedded Prophets of Love

This section has been added to the Worship page. That page shows the new place God is leading His Church into in this hour, and why – as many as will hear Him. The new section on the mystics shows how God has spoken to certain of His people of this deep relationship with Him down through the ages – but not many have entered into it. Across the centuries the mystics gave the same messages on prayer, on being separated to God in holiness, and of the divine delight in entering into Bridehood.


Coming ---- “What does it look like to walk like Enoch?”

Coming ----- “How can occultism be in our churches?”